Five Ways to Enjoy Your Pool Everyday

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I had no idea that our summer would include so much time sitting by our pool. (And never leaving our home!) You should know that we enjoy our pool with activities that include sunbathing, reading, enjoying magazines, planning menus, and more. 

Poolside Rest and Relaxation

I was laughing this morning as I started to write this blog post. Initially, I was going to share some pretty pictures of our pool and this gorgeous poolside furniture from Arhaus. But then I realized it might be fun to also share all of the different ways our family enjoys our pool.

We are living in a very unusual time and staying home is still a priority.  Although we didn’t really have a choice, our family has decided that our vacation this summer is going to be in our backyard. And the many ways to enjoy our pool! 

Hence, we have been spending a lot of time out here. We are just pretending it’s a pool at a resort. Haha.

Thank heavens we have our new poolside furniture from the Arhaus Montego Outdoor Collection. (If you want more information, check out my blog post here.)

Enjoying the Sun By the Pool

It’s funny because we all seem to enjoy our pool in different ways.

(I need to start off by saying we didn’t use to enjoy our pool. Why? That is because we never had anywhere to sit. It was always awkward when I would come outside to watch Sport or the boys swim. I would just stand there and watch and eventually head back inside the house.)

But that all changed when we got this amazing furniture from Arhaus. I still want to hook up our projector and enjoy a movie out here some evening. I know we are all grownups, but why not?

So what are the five different ways we enjoy our pool?

Lounging By The Pool

There is no doubt that occasionally we head out here for pure relaxation. A little sparkling water and some sun or shade and the next thing you know, it’s time for a nap.

I love sitting in these relaxing chairs and watching my family swim. And of course, that includes our lab Sport.

Enjoying the Sun Poolside

I have offered to always serve sparkling water by the pool to anyone that wants it. I decided that if we are “on vacation”, then poolside service should be included. Occasionally I have been asked to bring out towels, beer, the portable Sonos, Maha drinks, margaritas, swim goggles, homemade guacamole, and suntan lotion. 

Sometimes. I say yes. But not always.

Poolside Refreshments

Reading by the Pool

Enjoying the Paper Poolside

I am pretty sure that reading by the pool is the most popular pastime in our family. My husband loves to read the paper. I love to come out here and read my favorite magazines or a cookbook. The boys come out here with a Kindle or pages of stuff to read for work.

Regardless of what we are reading, this is the perfect spot anytime during the day.

Getting a Bit of Work Done

Working Poolside in the Shade

I have to be honest that this is what I love to do out here in these comfy lounge chairs

It’s called getting work done! This laptop does belong to me. And to be truthful, I threw my husband’s kindle on the chair to make it look like I didn’t always do only work our here. 

This is my favorite place in our home to write blog posts. Can you guess where I am writing this blog post right now? Good guess.

I also love to sit here and relax while planning menus and parties.  It’s such an inspiring view. And of course, that leads to more creativity.

Here are the items that are featured in this post.

All of the patio furniture can be found at Arhaus

Phone Calls and Zoom Sessions by the Pool

Relaxing by the Pool

With four people working in our home, sometimes there isn’t a quiet place to take business calls. This seems to be a popular spot for both phone and Zoom calls. If you would have told me a year ago that this is what we would be doing in our backyard, I never would have imagined it. 

Dining Poolside

Enjoying Dinner by the Pool

I can honestly say that I don’t ever remember sitting out on the brick poolside and enjoying a meal. This table works so well poolside and Dave and I have been eating out here a lot! It is such a beautiful and relaxing spot and I love it.

I am sure that I probably the only person in the world that uses my nice silver to dine poolside but remember, we use our silver every day. I have always thought, why should we hide silver in a chest and not use it? I wrote a blog post about this and you might want to read it. I think it was even a bit controversial. 

The Perfect Spot Poolside

I am so thankful that we have four people currently living in our home and four chairs poolside. Because that means we never have to fight for a place to sit.

It will definitely be a problem when Andrew and Charlotte come home.

But I am totally fine with that. I will even give up my chair if it helps to get another one of my boys to come home to visit.

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Five Ways to Enjoy Your Pool

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I would never leave home for a vacation if I had your backyard. Stay safe.

  2. You’ve made me look at my pool in a different way, Leslie! Thank you for that. I love the idea of watching a movie poolside. What a great idea!

  3. What a beautiful spot! You reminded me that we need to use our pool more. We eat dinner near ours almost every night, read there on weekends, and our boys enjoy it. However, I never work out there and I’m not sure why not! It’s going to become my new daytime office I think. We also set up a projector one time to watch a movie, and it was a lot of fun. I think we might just have to do that again on Father’s Day!

    1. It is always great for these reminders of how we can repurpose areas in our homes! I hope you can enjoy again soon 🙂

  4. Love your pool. Only thing I would add would be a waterfall feature nearby. Love that sound. And maybe get a little red wagon to transport food and liabations from house to pool☺️👍.

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