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Finding the Beauty of France

Visiting Europe over the holidays has been magical. Although we visited England, France and Switzerland I have to say my favorite country has been France. Over the last few days, I have been discovering the beauty of France. And I think I fell in love.

This is the Cook’s Atelier in Beaune. It’s a fabulous cooking shop and location for some very famous cooking classes. What a beautiful French town!

When you head to Europe in late December/early January you never know about weather and if everything might be closed down for the holidays. Even though the weather was cold and a lot of museums and sights were closed for the holiday, we still had an incredible vacation.

We were a group of seven and we started in London, traveled to Strasbourg, France and ended up in Geneva, Switzerland. Most of our group traveled back home on the 1st but I went to Chaumont with my youngest son and his girlfriend so I could see where my son has been living for the past four months.

We spent the last two days traveling to Beaune and Lyon and I absolutely loved both of these cities! This flower shop in Lyon was my favorite! This is what I expected to see in France. It’s just darling!

And this is Chaumont. Now that is the beauty of France.

Tomorrow we head to Paris. I have been to Paris a few times and have loved it every time. I am so excited.

And then on Sunday, I am finally heading home. It’s about time.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful trip–and so glad France is your fave. I love it as well–went to school in France, taught French and “lived France ” at home. Beaune is such a lovely walkable town–beautiful outdoor market there in the warmer months and Strasbourg is charming with the meandering river–and the restaurants perched atop. A great way to start the new year. Bonne année!

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