January Means Comfort



January means COMFORT. It’s about making our homes comfortable. Making and enjoying comfort food. And feeling more comfortable with ourselves.

And which of these should we think about first? It’s the one that is most important. We need to make sure we are comfortable with ourselves.

So that is what January is about. It’s about taking the time to do whatever you have to do to feel good about your self. It could mean setting some new fitness goals to get in better shape physically. Or maybe you want to eat healthier foods, get more sleep and drink more water. January is a great time to start getting healthier and I am all for it.

If you are a blogger or Instagrammer, there is a chance you have a goal to spend less time on social media (i.e. your phone). You would like to spend more quality time with your family and children. That’s not hard to do either. And it’s a great idea.

If there is anything you are feeling guilty about, now is the time to get it handled. Maybe you are late scheduling an annual doctor appointment. Perhaps you need to reach out to some of your friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Guilt is such an unhealthy thing. So be sure to do absolutely everything you can to rid your self of anything that is causing you guilt or anxiety.

So what are my plans? I need to exercise more and eat healthier. I have changed my daily schedule to include walking three days a week and working out in our gym. It’s only an hour of my day and I have to make it a priority. And I am going to report here on how I am doing. So why don’t you join me? (Of course, I am wearing a boot right now on my left foot so I may not be able to start today but that’s ok. I will start as soon as it makes sense to do so!)

I am also going to change my diet a bit to more of a low carb diet. It isn’t that hard and my body reacts very well to it. I will start on January 8th, the first day I am back home. The program consists of six meals a day. Breakfast is coffee and a hard-boiled egg. Two hours later I have a protein snack of either cheese or a protein drink. Then lunch which is a salad and either a piece of grilled chicken, fish or beef. Then I have another afternoon snack and dinner (which is the same as lunch). Plus I will drink 80 – 100 ounces of water every day.

The first week is the hardest as your body craves carbs. But your body starts to feel so much better that it is totally worth it. I still have my coffee in the morning and an occasional glass of wine or vodka drink so it isn’t that hard to stay true to the meal plan. I will let you know how it goes. (The last two times I did this I lost 30 lbs in less than three months.)

The last thing we all need to do is make sure we are getting enough sleep. I am a terrible sleeper. In fact, have been a terrible sleeper for a very long time. I am going to have to force myself to get at least six to seven hours of sleep a night. I am not sure how to do this so if you have any tips, please send them my way.

Give your self some time to think about how you are feeling about yourself. Becuase you can get more comfortable with yourself. You just might need to make a few changes. And baby steps are a good thing when it comes time for a few changes.

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  1. Oh wow Leslie –I could have written a good deal of this post and I’m joining you on much of it. I’m fine on exercise–walk faithfully and go to the gym so that’s ok. But I am needing to drop 10 pounds and the low carb plan works well–also planning a dry January (may give myself a 1 wine permission on social occasions which I hope to slow down on this month–it’s been a wild season). So I’ll be looking to support you on the low carb plan and serve as inspiration. Also on the sleep–really trying to be a better sleeper–it’s hard. I’m also going to try to sketch something as many days of the week as possible–shooting for 5–you are an art inspiration as well. So I’ll be hanging in there with you –thanks for the blog and the art site. Happy and healthy new year and good luck.

  2. Hello Leslie,
    I’ve had great success at achieving a deep restful sleep by adrinking magnesium before bedtime. The brand I use is Natural Vitality (raspberry/lemon flavor). In California you can find it at Sprouts. Also availing Amazon.

  3. Perfect timing for me too. Exercise, low carb diet and more painting! Can you share your original weight loss plan that was so successful? I also respond very well to low carb. Looking forward to the Feb 30/30 Challenge. Good luck and Happy New Year from subzero Vermont!

  4. Having a sleep ritual and set bedtime helps. Stretching to get out the tension, some lavender aromatherapy, some soft music on a timer. Maybe some melatonin. It really is in the ritual that triggers your brain to think….ahhh sleep time. It may mean getting up earlier until you readjust, but not giving in to staying awake at night. I struggle with this as well.

  5. This is my first blog-from-you to arrive in my email inbox, and I’m so thankful- it’s just great! I’ve been so busy with the various aspects of my life that I haven’t set a single me-goal about my health yet. So I am going to join you on the low carb diet. I also want to start a walking program and I know how important it is, but had not yet declared it. So I’ll be taking time today (my last day off work) to make some personal health commitments and declare them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Leslie
    I have an idea for getting more sleep, I found a magnesium oil spray that I use at night, it seems to be working. We found it at a farmers market in San Antonio. I’m sure there are other places to buy it, but here’s there website. http://Www.organicchix.com
    Happy New Year

  7. RE: sleep: I decided to follow my 25 year old daughter’s recommendation and began sleeping with a mask a couple of months ago. Let me tell you….I have entered a whole new world. I still get up a couple of times a nite to hit the restroom, but when I sleep….I really sleep. Hahaha…who knew there was such an easy fix for my many restless nights??? 🙂 Happy New Year from the frozen tundra we call New Jersey!

  8. RE: sleep…I decided to take my 25 year old daughter’s advice and began sleeping with a ‘sleeping mask’ a couple of months ago. Whoaaaa…..I’ve entered a whole new world. Despite still getting up for bathroom breaks…when I sleep….I really sleep. Who knew, right? Happy New Year from the frozen tundra we call NJ 🙂

  9. Leslie, now that you are back, are you doing the low carb diet? I saw that you blogged about Pasta today!!! I am doing it, since January 2. You were actually my inspiration and I’ve had tremendous will power and am sticking with it. My goal is to lose 35 and I don’t have a time limit but have already lost 6.5 pounds since Jan 2. I’d love to hear from others who are also doing low carb?

  10. I want to lose 25 lbs. I am also following a quasi lo carb diet since Jan 2 also an 80/20 kind of thing, 80% good eating, 20% not so good. I have not weighed myself yet because I don’t want to get discouraged, but Karen’s post has inspired me.

    1. I am basically doing low carb Atkins: for the first 2 weeks, no more than 20 carbs a day. This essentially means no starch or grain of any kind. Meats, eggs, nuts and veggies. Your body will react and you will know if it’s working on days 3 and 4. I had no idea about the extent and impact of low carb eating until I researched it. I felt terrible on days 3 and 4, as my body switched from burning carbs to burning fat, and now I feel great! No longer craving or hungry. To be clear, I’m doing low carb and high protein, moderate fat.

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