Farmhouse Fall Decor

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I wanted to share more fall decor so why not start with some farmhouse decor in our Waco living room? The fall decor brightens up our home!

The wreaths, tree, arrangement, and pumpkins are perfect for our Waco home. The wood ceiling adds a wonderful caramel-colored nod to fall as well. I love decorating our Waco home with farmhouse fall decor. Our home in Waco is a short-term rental and I love creating a sanctuary in our home for our guests. 

Farmhouse Fall Decor
Make it Pretty

I absolutely love all of the farmhouse fall decor. The colors are gorgeous and I really appreciate how the color just pops in our living room.

Waco Home Fall Decor

Each season I decorate our Waco home for fall I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Our home in Waco has very neutral decor. Well, I guess I could say that our homes in California do too. Obviously, I love the neutral decor. I love it because I can add any colors I want to our home at any time throughout the year. And it always works.

Typically I add color to our home with accessories, art, bedding, and more.

Look at how amazing our home looks with these Balsam Hill fall decor items.

Fall Decor in the Waco Home

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How Did I Choose the Fall Items for Our Living Room?

Balsam Hill Fall Decorations

If you have been following me for a while then you know I love to put wreaths in windows. It’s so wonderful how the sunlight catches the colors of the wreath and it’s a simple way to add decor to a room.

I decided to choose the wreaths first and let that decision lead me to make my other farmhouse fall decor selections. 

Be sure and check out the wreaths I listed at the bottom of this post. They are gorgeous and very reasonably priced. These windows are located on the other side of our wrap-around porch. You can see my favorite two-hundred-year-old oak tree outside through the windows.

You might be wondering how our Waco house was decorated for fall when I am in Southern California. I have a wonderful house manager who takes care of our home and manages everything onsite with our Airbnb and VRBO guests. She is amazing.

These wreaths make such a big impact on our living room and the colors are so perfect for Farmhouse fall decor. They aren’t too colorful for a neutrally decorated room. They are perfect.

Here is a closeup of the wreath. As you can see it has an array of greens, pinecones, pumpkins, and sprigs of berries. I hope you can see that the wreaths were hung with a thumbtack and some kitchen twine. This is how I hang most of our wreaths!

Autumn Abundance Wreath from Balsam Hill

I also selected an arrangement that works perfectly on our coffee table and is sitting on my vintage wooden tray.

Waco Home Balsam Hill Fall Decor

I love that the arrangement is in a wooden box and it measures 26″ long x 13.5″ wide x 12″ high.

Here is a closeup. I am pretty sure this arrangement will travel back and forth to our dining room table too.

Balsam Hill Fall Autumn Abundance

Can you see the Canadian Maple tree peeking out on the left side of this photo below?  Isn’t the color magical?

Living room fall Decor

This Potted Canadian Maple Tree is my favorite. It is six feet tall and I am going to use this tree in our Waco home for the holidays too. The colors are perfect for Fall and Christmas. And look how great it looks in front of my painting!  (We will pretend I planned it that way.)

Balsam Hill Potted Fall Tree

I love these heirloom pumpkins too. They look so great in our living room.

Balsam Hill Fall Wreaths in Windows

These faux pumpkins are very authentic and yet they will survive the Texas heat for many years to come. Haha.

Balsam Hill Heirloom Pumpkins

Aren’t the colors of these pumpkins fabulous?

Heirloom Pumpkins from Balsam Hill

These mini pumpkins are so much fun to style around the room.

Balsam Hill Fall Pumpkins

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Vintage Inspired Decor from Our Waco Airbnb

I can’t wait for our next guest to check in and enjoy our fall decor.

Balsam Hill Autumn Abundance Wreaths

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If you are looking for some ways to add fall to your home, check these out.

Check out this fall foliage for under $15.

Here is some fall foliage under $21.

Fall wreaths are so gorgeous. Below are some of my favorites! Click the photos to check them out, they are all under $45 each, most are under $30!

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Adding fall farmhouse decor in our Waco living room with bright colors and lots of texture.

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  1. Wow…so fabulous! Anyone who gets to stay in your beautiful Waco home is certainly in for a very special treat. I love it!

    1. Awe, thank you so much. I love how the fall decor from Balsam Hill made this room so warm and inviting.

  2. I love the fall decor! I also live in Southern California and love your furniture at your Waco home. Any ideas on similar furniture that I could get here? The style and color is perfect and like you said you can change up the decor.

  3. You finally got me in a fall decorating mood even with our 90 degree heat-thank you! & Fun to see your artwork here. We won’t make it to WACO when we travel to TX to meet our new grandson this month in our RV, but look forward to seeing this place another time!

  4. Oh Leslie it is such a divine atmosphere! Everything looks great! So many things to love! My favorite was the fall tree! I also love your sofa and loveseat. Where did you purchase those?

  5. Love the wreaths in the windows!!! …..but…..what do they look like from the outside looking in? I always want to hang wreaths on the inside of my dining room windows but I’m never sure how to handle the “unfinished “ look from the outside. Suggestions??
    The room is BEAUTIFUL, and I’m not a fan of neutral rooms!!! It really is a perfect room!

  6. Love the fall decorations you did! All will certainly be appropriate thru Thanksgiving . You’ve used the decorations to add color to a white space totally changing the look, love it!

  7. I love your style! We live in SC, and just dropped my son off at Baylor a few weeks ago. I graduated from BU in 1990….and my goodness how Waco has changed!!!

  8. Love the fall colors in your living room! Question… when I hang my wreaths on windows I always hang an identical one on the outside right behind it, so that passers by don’t see the un attractive wreath backs. Do you do that as well? curious. Always enjoy seeing what you’re up to!

    1. For the wreaths you see here, they are on the windows that face our backyard so I don’t have that problem! I typically do not have wreaths on both sides of the window, but if that works for you that is a fantastic idea.

  9. Leslie,
    I love how you have decorated the AirBNB. It is beautiful and the colors so so vivid!!!! I enjoy your post every week and you are soooo talented. Thanks for sharing. Happy Fall!!!

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