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I love my dining room. And that’s not because we eat there every night. Because we don’t. I love setting tables and they always come out looking the best when they are in our dining room. 

Part of that is due to the awesome dining room table and chairs we got at Pottery Barn. Part of it I think has to do with the cool paint color in our dining room. And the main reason is that I have a serious problem when it comes to collecting vintage china. If you saw my first blog post titled “I am a Dish-Whore-der” then you will know why. We can all count the number of plates in the photo below. And just so you know, I own at least eight plates of every one of these wonderful china patterns. Some of them are full sets of china.

And yes, I know I have a serious problem. Like I said, I am a dish whore-der.

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As a mother of three boys, there were no tea parties at our home. So let’s just say this is my chance to have a grown-up tea party. Every other week.

For the fall photo shoot, I chose to use the chargers and placemats from Pier One. The Turkey themed vintage china is called Spode Celebration and Spode Festival. Even though it is discontinued, I see it at the flea markets all of the time. You can also find it at replacements.com.IMG_0834.JPG

I found my tall metal cheese molds at the Rose Bowl flea market from one of my favorite vendors @thewarpedtable. Although they will need to be moved once everyone is seated (assuming we throw a dinner party in the next few weeks), the tall “vases” look awesome the rest of the time. I filled them with faux greens from Hobby Lobby and fresh eucalyptus from the flower mart.


If you have been following my blog or reading my Instagram posts then you know I had to buy all new pumpkins this year. The reason is that I didn’t own any. This is my first fall with a blog and Instagram feed and hence, it’s the first time I have decorated my home for fall.


I have noticed recently there are a lot of Halloween decorations popping up on Instagram feeds. This has me in a total quandary. So here is my question. Since our kids are grown and sadly won’t be able to take off work to fly home for Halloween (duh), is it okay if our only Halloween decorations appear on our front porch the last two days in October? I should probably mention the fact that Halloween costs a fortune in our town because I have to buy at least 750 pieces of candy for the trick-or-treaters.

Am I being a total witch?

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  1. Your dining room is beautiful! Your photos are fabulous today too.

    I blog and I kind of ignore Halloween. We love the handing out candy part but decorating for that is a no go for me.

  2. Hahaha. Made me laugh at the ‘dish whore deer’ . I can so relate. Not EVEN mentioning how many sets I have collected over the years . My family just turn a blind eye ????
    Luv the table and the tall cheese molds make me weak in the knees….

  3. Oh Leslie, I’m a dish hoarder too. I collected 225 vintage floral shabby chic plates for my daughter’s very recent wedding. They’re are now stacked in her old bedroom, and will be used next year for my niece’s wedding and my son’s wedding. After that I will keep whatI love for my personal collection, and then pass on the rest vis Craig’s list to someone else. I LOVE the warped table, we see them at Alameda pointe antique fair in the Bay Area once a month. I’ve seen the cheese mold in her booth. I’ve just found your blog and love your style! I will be following you for future decorating inspiration! I also love unique and different tablescaples especially for Christmas

  4. why can’t you have tea parties with boys? My 5 year old grandson and I have tea together every night. We both love that time together

  5. I think doing a great deal of Halloween decorating tells our children and grandchildren that Halloween is IMPORTANT. It shouldn’t be . It’s a fun little holiday that should stay that way. That said I try not to do any decorating for Halloween until the last week in October but it’s hard, I have so many fun things I’ve collected over the last 40 years!

  6. Beautiful. I may have a dish problem too. Mom of grown boys so I definitely here you on Halloween. I put mine out for 3 days and on 11/1 I am always packing it back up. Enjoy following your many talents.

  7. well, this is just some major eye candy!! my eyes keep coming back to your window treatments….do you mind sharing source and your feelings on them? Thanks so much!!

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