AROUND THE HOUSE // My Basement (Or Shall I Say Supply Store)

I know what you are thinking. Wow, Leslie is at a Restaurant Supply store. Hah. Fooled you. I am in my basement!


I mentioned in my blog post yesterday that I have an extensive collection of “entertaining stuff” in my basement. Many of you were curious about what this entailed so here are my photos. (If you would have told me a month ago I was going to post pictures of my basement on this blog I would have said you are crazy! California basements are tiny. And not glamorous!)



As you can see I have lots of vases, glass cups, candle holders, jelly jars, shot glasses and tons more. Please note, these photos do not include my butler’s pantry where I have all of my wine and champagne glasses. And six drawers of linens.


So, am I  hoarder? Absolutely not. And that’s because this stuff is all organized. It really is. In truth, I am an entertainer. And after years of hosting parties where I do everything (as in cooking, flowers, table settings, etc.) I have discovered it is a lot cheaper to just buy and reuse this stuff than renting it.



And one last note. The plastic bins of shot glasses are not for wild crazy drinking parties at my house. I use these for appetizers at our Christmas party. I promise.

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4 thoughts on “AROUND THE HOUSE // My Basement (Or Shall I Say Supply Store)

  1. That is excellent! One of my past jobs (when I had my own catering)was strictly catering. So I didn’t need that type of equipment I have serving platters but my main thing was tons of food! So I had tons of containers! I downsized majorily! I love your postings and your style. One day I may have my dream kitchen (God willing). But for now I have a little cottage one which fits for a missionary in Mexico. Can’t wait to see what you “cook” up in your new abode! ????

  2. You are so organized. Everything is fantastic. You remind me of the energizer bunny! Maybe those shot glasses have something to do with it. Just teasing! I use shot glasss for single flowers on place settings sometimes.

    1. Ha!! Sometimes I truly think I might be the energizer bunny! What a good idea to use shot glasses for single flowers… might have to steal that idea!

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