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Decorating For Fall

It may seem early to start decorating for fall.  So I decided to take a look back at last year for ideas for fall Decor this year.

fall decorating

I love decorating for fall and I know it’s a little bit early. It’s also been so hot! It’s been in the 90’s – 100’s all week so I have been blasting the air conditioner to stay in the fall mood. I am currently looking back at ideas to determine this year’s plans for decorating for fall. I have copper as my theme but I need more inspiration!

decor for fall

Let’s start with the red apples in the wooden bowl on our island. They are faux but I like them. I think this year I am going to try to find some faux persimmons. What do you think of this arrangement below? I think the combination of pomegranates and persimmons is fabulous!

faux fall branches

Last year I used apples for fall. Apples just seemed to go well with the back to school theme. But this year I want to use persimmons and pomegranates.

Fall decorating in the Kitchen

As you can see, I didn’t add a ton of decor to our home last year. I wanted color so I added most of it via flowers and pumpkins. I loved the faux orange and salmon-colored plants as they looked great! You will definitely see those again this year.

Kitchen Fall Decor

Fall Decor Ideas

Last year I also added decor in our living room. These apples are my favorites and were all purchased quite a few years ago. As you can see I love the simpler decor.

Apples in a Crock

I purchased this white crock and four of these English advertising pots at the Rose Bowl Flea Market last year.

You probably know I am obsessed with crocks. You can learn a lot more about vintage crocks here. I  see them at flea markets all of the time.  You might be interested in my insider look at flea market shopping.

Fall Farmhouse Decor

Last year my plan for my fall decor was a color palette based on these velvet pumpkins. I loved the salmon, magenta, and off-white colors. 

Fall Decorating in the Living Room

Bu this year it is going to look different with all of my copper accents.  And this year I will be making more copper leaf pumpkins

copper leaf pumpkins

They copper leaf pumpkins aren’t that hard to make and I just love them!

Velvet Pumpkins

Last year’s decor was simple but I do love it. What do you think?

I think I am ready to add more decor but I promise I won’t overdo it!

 Fall decor Ideas



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37 Responses

  1. Love your home!! Are your floors the original? They’re gorgeous, I’ve been looking for new hardwood since May. BTW, noticed your Arkansas license plate:) I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas and hope to someday make it to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. But, Canton, Tx is close!

  2. But about 3 more pomegranate at the grocery than I need in my container.
    They dry and can be used year after year. The 3extra are about what will soften during the process and will be un-useable.

  3. So lovely with apples. I actually love the light green and yellowish pears on my dining table. And I love them fresh so they are eaten by the family through the week and I can buy „more” decor every weekend:))) Also you will be surprised how great little zucchinis look like in the basket or a bowl.

  4. Hi Leslie, I just love love your beautiful home and your inspiration!!! And wherever did you find the darling little framed glass you have in your kitchen window? The one that says “Fresh baked pies baked daily.”

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Welcome to My 100 Year Old Home

I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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