Christmas in the Craft Room

Decorating my craft room for Christmas is where I always start to decorate our home for the holidays. That’s because it’s the place where I do all of my Christmas crafts and wrap all my gifts!

christmas decorations in the craft room

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I love decorating our home for Christmas and one of the first places I start every year is in my craft room. I love being a #joannpartner and had so much fun using the gorgeous Christmas décor from @joann. I tend to “hoard” a lot of craft supplies so this room needs organizing every few months! Today I not only reorganized the room but I also decorated the craft room for Christmas since I spend a ton of time doing Christmas crafts here during the holiday season.

craft room

The first holiday decor item I added to the craft room are Handmade Holiday Christmas Frosted Holly & Red Berry Wreaths in the windows. I bought these same wreaths for our Waco home and I love them. I did get a good laugh when I opened my Christmas boxes and found four of these exact same wreaths that I bought last year. I honestly thought they were new this season!

frosted berry wreaths in the windows

I also added a small lit tree and Handmade Holiday 18” Flocked Norway Green Trees with Burlap Base and Handmade Holiday Christmas Sugared Red Berry Spray in the window. My theme for decor this year is definitely red and white frosted! Look how great these berries look in my jars in the window.

frosted berries in the window

I also added a floral arrangement. I love these Handmade Holiday Christmas Flocked Red Hydrangea Stems and Handmade Holiday Christmas 26” Frosted Holly Leaf & Red Berry Spray and Handmade Holiday Christmas Red Sugared Berry Spray Don’t they look wonderful?

red hydrangeas

Christmas Crafts in the Craft Room

At any given time, I usually have three or four craft projects happening at the same time in my craft room. As you can see, I am making a felt poinsettia pillow. I also just finished making a pom pom pillow and a button wreath pillow. The DIY for the button wreath pillow is coming soon.

crafts in the craft room

I made my own poinsettia flower pattern and then played around for an hour trying to decide how to make the flowers. I ended up with this design, I am really happy how it came out.  As I mentioned, there will be a tutorial coming soon!

poinsettia felt pillow

I always describe my craft room as a “working craft room” because it’s never perfect. I always have something going on here which means there is going to be a lot “stuff” in a lot of places. While I think this photo shows a very clean craft room, to some it’s not. 

christmas decor in the craft room

Poinsettia Skirt Craft

One person that is always in my craft room 24/7 is Ivy. She is actually a mannequin/dress form. Some day I will use her as she was originally intended when I start my next career as a fashion designer (hah). But for now, she gets a new dress for the holidays. The past two years she was dressed like this in fresh greens. But I was ready for a change this year and I love this!

dress form poinsettia dress form

How to Make a Christmas Craft Skirt for Your Dress Form

Two years ago I made a chicken wire skirt. All I did was bend and cut the chicken wire and then lace it closed with wire in the back.

I bought some Handmade Holiday Christmas 4-head Red Poinsettia Bushes at JOANN. I bought 14 of the poinsettia bushes to make her entire skirt. The first thing I did was cut off the individual flowers. Then I pulled off the leaves. (Be sure to save them for later.) Next, I just stuck them into the chicken wire and made sure they laid flat.

how to make a poinsettia

I started the flowers at the top and just worked my way around and down. I didn’t add them in the back because I knew no one would see the back of the skirt.

poinsettia tree skirt

The flowers will lay flatter if you thread the stems back through the chicken wire. Don’t worry if they stick out because the flowers will cover them.

how to make a poinsettia tree skirt 2

It doesn’t matter if there are some small openings between the flowers. I used the leaves at the end to fill them in.

how to make a poinsettia skirt.  

Keep adding the poinsettia flowers. When you get to the very bottom, flip the flowers and put the stems in facing upward.

how to make a poinsettia tree skirt

When you are done with the flowers, add the leaves where there are spaces. I love how the leaves look!

how to make a poinsettia skirt

In addition to the wreaths, I also added Handmade Holiday Christmas Small Flocked Trees with Pinecones in Wood Box in the window sills.

berry wreath i wondow  

It may be warm in Southern California but it sure looks Christmassy in my craft room!

the craft room decorated for christmas

a working craft room

I love it when this room is clean and organized so I can leave a “mess” on my craft table. I want to be able to come and go as I please. And not have to clean up every time I need to do something else.

If you are curious about how I hung my wreaths, just go to this post for a complete wreath hanging tutorial.

how to hang wreaths

I am absolutely in awe of all of the holiday decor available at JOANN. Be sure to check your local store or shop online. You won’t believe their selection and amazing prices.

how to make a poinsettia skirt

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  1. We are just finishing a year long remodel of our new-to-us home and 1 room will be my studio/craft room. I am in awe of yours! Did you get the rolling craft table at Joann’s? Thanks for that info.

  2. I have the same question where did you get your craft table? I have one now but it’s on it last leg so I have been shopping for one. Would appreciate the info.

  3. Love it all! ❤ I have a Joann near my office and stop in there all the time for goodies – it’s a great place. Thanks for the skirt tutorial – maybe I should make one like that for me to wear at Christmas! Do you think I could sit down though … ?! 🤣 Happy holiday crafting in your lovely room!

  4. Your craft room looks beautiful. I love your dress form I have one sitting bare in my room because I can’t decide how to decorate it. How lucky you are to be a Joann partner. I’d love that opportunity so if you hear of any oops let me know. Hope your well.

  5. I always look forward to how you decorate Ivy each year. I’ve always loved the greenery but this year’s poinsettia skirt is gorgeous!! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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