Choosing Affordable Flooring Tile for our Waco Bathroom Remodel

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Waco Home Bath Remodel

We have been remodeling our one hundred-year-old home in Waco, Tx. and our latest project has been the bathroom remodel. My goal was to find a gorgeous floor tile that looked like marble but would withstand wear (since the home will be a short-term rental). I found this wonderful Carrara 12 in. x 24 in. Polished Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile at The Home Depot and it is also affordable! In fact, I liked it so much we used it in the shower too.

Waco Home Bath Remodel tile flooring 2

The Before Photo

Waco Home Bath Remodel Before

There was only one bathroom in the home when we bought it, and this is what it looked like. There were holes in the walls and floor and the plumbing leaked everywhere. It wasn’t usable. It was so bad I refused to walk in the bathroom.

Planning the Bathroom Remodel Layout

Waco Home Bath Remodel framing

We tore out a lot of walls in the home and replaced the windows and created a two-room bathroom. The front room (on the left below ) has a vanity and sink, and another vanity area. The back room (on the right) contains the shower and toilet. At first, we planned to put tile in the entire bathroom but we discovered the wood floors in the front room were in good shape.

Waco Home Bath Remodel floor plan

Selecting the Tile

I went to our local The Home Depot and found the Carrara 12 in. x 24 in. Polished Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile. You can see the price listed, which is incredible for a two-foot piece of tile! The porcelain tile is gorgeous and will wear very well in our short-term rental.

Waco Home Bath Remodel tile selection

Next, I had to decide how to lay the tile. I was back in California and my contractor texted me these photos which included a horizontal and vertical layout.

Waco Home Bath Remodel tile layout Waco Home Bath ceramic tile

This was my response.

Waco Home Bath Remodel diagonal tile layout

Look how great it looks on the diagonal. I absolutely love how it came out.

Waco Home Bath Remodel tile flooring

Finishing the Shower

It was pretty easy to select the tile for the shower as I decided to use the same tile!

Waco Home Bath Remodel shower tile

I love this horizontal layout in the shower and I saved a lot of money on installation since the tiles were so large.

Waco Home Bath Remodel shower

Installing a Tub/Shower

Since we don’t have a bathtub in the Waco fixer upper home, I designed this as a tub/shower. There is an 8” high small wall across the front of the walk-in shower. It’s easy to step over and provides a shallow tub to bathe a toddler or a pet. The shower has a showerhead and a tub spout. I designed this a few years ago for our home in Ventura, California and we love it. So, I did it again! 

Waco Home Bath Remodel shower tub

The tile installation looks amazing.

Waco Home Bath Remodel finished floor tile

This is the front room of the bathroom which has two vanity areas and one sink.

Waco Home Bath Remodel finished

I also purchased the toilet at The Home Depot. It’s the Glacier Bay High Efficiency Toilet.

Waco Home Bath Remodel floor tile

The Home Depot Bath Collection

The Home Depot has an extensive collection online of bath towels and I purchased these Plush Soft Cotton White Towels by Home Decorators Collection. They are so soft!

Waco Home Bath Remodel vanity

The bathroom remodel turned out better than I imagined. We are still waiting for the shower door but the rest is done. I am so happy and thrilled to be able to partner with The Home Depot on this remodeling project.

If you’re looking to update flooring in your home, now’s the time as The Home Depot has the latest trends in flooring at great prices – check out other tile flooring highlights here

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  1. Porcelain tile is not only more affordable but looks great! I love the way the bathroom came together particularly the floor tile set on the diagonal! Gorgeous!

    1. My husband thought it was marble! At under $3.00 a tile I assured him it was not. It looks amazing!

    1. Oh goodness. Thank you! I love diagonal tile as it just creates so much more interest. I did the same thing in the master bathroom.

    1. Thanks so much. We have a nice rug outside the shower and I think that will work great. The floor of the shower is another tile for that reason!

  2. I just financed renovating my 91 Yr old Dad’s home after he passed away. It was in horrible shape-and thanks to 50 trips to Home Depot it is ready to list.
    Looks like a new house. Thanks Home Depot!
    All of your designs are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    My Dad was a PCC-South Pas man. They saved al of the yearbooks and news clippings. Go Pasadena!

    1. We made seven trips to Home Depot when we redid the front of the Waco fixer! So I know what you mean. My mother in law went to SoPas high. I wonder if they were there together???

  3. We used Home Depots design store many years ago for our remodel, was called Expo Center…best design ideas. Now I can see by all your renovations Home Depot is back in business with all their great products. Bathroom looks fantastic. Amazing Leslie how you have recreated your talents..

  4. It’s beautiful! It was so fun meeting you at Haven and you were so helpful. Still have a ton of questions about Your IG talk. I’d love to partner on projects if your interested. Check me out!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for sharing your remodeling project. The Waco bath Reno resonates, and turns on a light bulb in my head, with this idea for my own project. I’ve been struggling with a small master bath remodel, not being a designer, on a budget and with too many options, laying it out just right is a challenge by my lonesome. 😓
    I finally think I’ve found a tile installer I can trust, as I’ve been wanting to take out a tub and covert to a shower. The right way. After finding this blog and seeing the practicality of having a shower,/tub, I wondered if this might be a better way to go also. Especially for re-sale value down the road. Is the concept the same as making into a walk in shower, as far as making the shower pan the same or there a different pan used?
    I also am very curious as to what you used on shower/tub floor. Would you please share what you used there?
    Thanks so much!

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