Around the House – Week Sixteen

Welcome To Around The House At My 100 Year Old Home. This Is A Weekly Update I Share Every Saturday About What Is Going On At My 100 Year Old Home.

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

Our Third Floor Mother in Law Suite

This past week has been the best week for me since we self-quarantined over a month ago.

Our house is full as the kids are home and I have never been more at peace.

I am over my “funk” and feel a lot more productive. I am organizing, cleaning out and purging in a big way. You could say I am keeping busy around the house!

And even though I can’t seem to keep it clean, I have been cooking in our kitchen like crazy to keep all my boys happy. And I love that.

Before I share what is happening this upcoming week at My 100 Year Old Home, I thought it might be fun to look back at this past week.

One of my best “purging projects” has been our third floor “bonus room” or “apartment” or “mother in law suite”. I haven’t decided what to call it so any of those names seem to work.

Our Third Floor “Mother in Law” Suite

Our third floor Guest Apartment

We remodeled this space about fifteen years ago. It used to have very low ceilings, lots of cheap wood paneling and an orange shag rug. But we remodeled and opened up the ceilings, added beadboard (with lots of storage behind), a bathroom, and a bedroom.

Sadly, a few years ago this space became my storage room and it wasn’t habitable. You can find photos on my blog post to see how bad it was. 

But with the boys all living here I knew we needed the space not only as a bedroom but also an office. All six of us are working and I knew we needed private offices! 

So I got creative and made it work.

What’s New in the Kitchen

The Best Kitchen Lighting for our Waco Home

I was really excited to share these amazing pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting that I put in our Waco Airbnb kitchen. 

Part of me wishes I would have put them in our Pasadena home because I like them that much! Is it weird to have matching pendants?

You can read my entire blog post here.

hudson Valley lights

Thanks for all of your interest this week in the post I wrote called Easy Breakfast Ideas.

a spring breakfast

I am looking for ways to spruce up the meals around here and this is a fun idea. I know it is a bit ridiculous that I made a mold to make perfectly round pancakes, but sometimes I do have some pretty fun ideas.

Home Made Muffins

Speaking of breakfast ideas, I wrote a fun blog post on Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas. (I think if I write posts about what to do for Mother’s Day the boys might have some idea what to do for me in a few weeks!) I made a large batch of muffin mix yet I made four different types of muffins. Of course, the flavors depended entirely on what was in my refrigerator this week but I am very happy with the end result.

Head to my blog post for the full story and recipes.

Around the House

In the Living Room

Every time I post a photo of my living room I get a ton of questions about my couches. About four years ago I had these slipcovered by a local upholsterer and I shared the entire story on this blog post titled Slipcovers or Upholstery? 

Deciding between slipcovers and upholstery can be a difficult decision. I looked at all the pros and cons and came to an easy decision. And I love the outcome.

Let’s See What My Friends Are Up To

My friend Karianne from Thistlewood shared a post on how to easily paint a ceiling. Personally, I never thought painting a ceiling was easy, but she might just have proved me wrong.

Erin at Cottonstem made the cutest Succulent Cupcakes ever. And I love that she used buttercream frosting!

Liz Marie Blog shared her Favorite Spring DIY Projects

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Spring

Looking Out the Front Door

Next week on the blog I will be sharing the most important thing I do to start every day (and it is not coffee), a DIY for a spring pillow, an Anthropologie knockoff craft, how to create a fun outdoor space, and two Instapot recipes. Plus, I will be sharing a lot more. 

Hang in there and stay home. I think we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. THank you for the joy and inspiration you bring daily! You are my lifeline in so many ways…especially during this time.

  2. I love all of your posts. They inspire me! I love how you used an old ladder to hang chandeliers from. That is awesome!

  3. Leslie, this blog looks great! You are one busy lady!! I admire all of your hard work! You have so much helpful information. Looking forward to seeing what more you add to it.

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