Around the House – Week Nine

What a busy week. I am so excited to share it with you, and can’t wait to share what is new around the home.

free motion embroidery

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

Oh, goodness has it been a busy week! I leave tomorrow for the Alt Summit in Palm Springs and then I am off to Texas for a week and a half.

I posted on Instagram that I had to get three weeks of organized blog posts outlined and prepared. And guess what, it looks like that has happened.

My Tips on Instagram Stories 

For the past three weeks, I have been sharing tips and tricks for your iPhone, Google, and Instagram. The tips have been amazing and so many of you have been gracious to comment on how much you are enjoying them. That makes me so happy!

I save all of my tips on my Instagram highlights and you can find them here and here.

I started out this week by sharing How to Organize Ribbons in Your Craft Room.

I love my craft room but the biggest challenge isn’t doing the crafts. It’s keeping all of my supplies organized. This was a great solution!

how to store ribbon

I am still getting comments and questions about the succulent wreath that I made. It was so much fun to make and I can’t believe how great it looks over a year later. How awesome is that?


I shared the most incredible Free Motion Embroidery and Painted Pillows and thank you for all of your positive feedback! This pillow kind of “morphed” from an earlier attempt. I have learned that if you don’t like how a craft comes out you are probably close to a great solution. You just have to keep pushing your self to keep trying, I am so glad I didn’t give up because I love this pillow.

free motion embroidery pillow

What’s New in The Family Room

I shared a decorating post for Easy Elegant Wednesdays that shows how I refreshed our dining room for spring. I loved adding this blushy/coral color because it warms up the room so well! When you read my blog post you will see how much fun this project was!

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-dining-room (2)

Around the House

How to Make Paper Flowers for Spring

I have struggled for years trying to find a place to store my handmade crepe paper flowers. to be honest. paper flowers don’t store well so ideally they need to be in a vase and they will be protected. Last year I bought this amazing French Vintage Flower Stand. It’s been sitting outside forever and I can’t believe I finally found the perfect purpose for it!

French vintage flower cart

I shared how to make crepe paper tulips on my blog post but I have also made peonies, cherry blossoms, and poppies.

paper tulip flowers

Aren’t these tulips great?

my favorite cookbooks

I have a Friday series called “In the Kitchen with Leslie” and this week I shared My Favorite Cookbooks. I really tried to pick just one as my favorite and ended up with eight. I didn’t mention the cookbook I use almost every day and a few of you called me out on this. You were right!

A few years ago I compiled a family cookbook called Old, New, Borrowed & Bleu. It truly is all of my favorite recipes in one book. I gifted one to all of my family members and many of my friends. Sadly the company that published this went out of business and I have no more copies!

Let’s See What My Friends Are Up To

My friend Karianne from Thistlewood made some adorable DIY Easter Carrots from drop cloth!

Janine at Happy Happy Nester made the most gorgeous Rag Wreath. You have to check this out!

Liz Marie Blog shared the coolest DIY Painted Floors in her mudroom.

White kitchen

Looking Out the Front Door

Next week on the blog I will be sharing why I love vintage crocks, spring table decorating ideas, how to make the perfect croissant, why you need to collect colored glass, and how to make a spring felt flower pillow.

I am really enjoying celebrating Let’s Get Creative this month at My 100 Year Old Home this month. The theme for March is Remodel and Renovate. Fortunately, I have a lot to share with you, including a new remodeling project!

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  1. Your blog is my favorite and I cannot wait for each and every post. You are so knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing all you do. Now, let’s find a new publisher for your cookbook, I would preorder YOUR favorite recipes for sure.

  2. Thank you so much for your daily tips on IG stories! They’ve been so helpful and I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge.

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