I Must Have Fresh Flowers in My Home Always and Always

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I must have fresh flowers always and always. And so should you.
I discovered the best deal this week on hydrangeas and I can pretty much promise you that I will be ordering these once a month for my home.


Fresh flowers can brighten up our home and our well being. I love peonies and I love tulips. But if you asked me which flowers look best in my home, that’s an easy answer. Hydrangeas.


Yesterday a box arrived at my home from Flowers by Gallonei. It arrived via FedEx and inside were forty fresh hydrangeas. Forty!!!


Each one of the hydrangeas were individually wrapped in water and plastic around each stem. They were so fresh it seemed as if they had been picked that morning!


Immediately we took them out, cut the stems and put them in water. I can’t believe I had enough hydrangeas to fill four large flower pots!


The color of my hydrangeas is Premium Blue.


The flowers shipped directly from Juan at the Gallonei personal farm in Columbia, South America, so they will last longer. And are you ready for the best part? The shipping is free. It really is!


All you need to do is go to the shop at www.gallonei.com, select the type, quantity and choose the delivery day on the bottom left of the check out cart and they will be shipped immediately. Delivery takes on average between three and four days but you get to select the date.

I know you are probably thinking they must be expensive. But their prices are wholesale for farm direct, fresh cut flowers. The least expensive white hydrangea stems range from $1.53 to $1.59 per stem. (Those prices are better than the flower mart.) Plus fedex shipping is free. And the minimum order is 30 stems. Oh darn, that means I can have incredibly fresh hydrangeas in my dining room, living room and kitchen.


They have lots of colors of hydrangeas and tons of roses on their site now too. You can order these for yourself, for your business, a client, or for a party. And if thirty hydrangeas are too many, split the order with a friend!

I think I need to tell my husband about this for Valentine’s Day. And my boys.

Because every girl needs flowers always and always.

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  1. Wow! That is a crazy good price! I have 9 big old hydrangea bushes, and one hydrangea tree. Whites , blues/multi color and the blush pinks.several 20 yrs old which give me hundreds of blooms a yr They are my favorite. I cut them by the bunches and bring them in. If you change the water, split the stems(they are wood) so they can get more water, mine will last 3 weeks. They can be dried out and hung upside down in a cool dry place for a dry arrangement too. You can give them a light spray of color or glitter sheen for fun at the Holidays Leslie, thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I have to stop reading your blog!!! 🙂 Just ordered the hydrangeas.. Cannot wait until Saturday when they get here!!! Thanks Leslie for this info!!! Just kidding! Can’t stop reading!!!!

  3. Hi Leslie! I LOVE hydrangeas too!!! But sometimes after I cut them and immediately place in water, they will start to wilt within 3-4 hours. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks! Love your posts!

  4. Hi! I am blessed to have my great-grandmothers hydrangea bush blooming outside of my kitchen window. From spring through summer, i cut those beautiful blue to violet blooms and bring them inside to enjoy!

    I am curious as to what paint color your walls are in your dining room. Beautiful!

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