Bedroom Makeover in a Month

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It’s time to start the third-floor bedroom makeover. I cannot wait to share what I have planned for this room!

Bedroom Makeover

I have been talking about our third-floor bedroom makeover project for weeks now and I am pleased to say it is finally happening. I created this mood board to visualize what I have in mind for the room. When I see this it makes me so happy and excited.

Makeover in a Month

I have teamed up with three amazing bloggers and we are going to each makeover a room in a month. I have joined Melissa at The Inspired Room, Karianne at Thistlewood Farms, and Marian at Miss Mustard Seed and we have one month to remodel a room for the Makeover in a Month challenge. 

The final reveal is August 28th.

Oh my, what have I done …

I am both excited and nervous and when you see my “before photos” you will see that I have a big project ahead of me.

Bench for Bedroom

It’s really hard to post about a makeover project when you only have BEFORE photos. So I am sharing some of the furniture pieces I will be using in the bedroom. The room is a seldom-used guest room that use to be filled with old home decor items. 

When you see the before photos you will see that the room is still filled with mismatched old home decor items.

Color Palette for the Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Colors

I know the color palette is neutral but as you know I love a neutral palette. That’s because I can always add lots of color to the room every season. 

Seriously though, I originally thought I was going to go with a gray and white theme. But when I realized that almost every bedroom we have is gray and white. You can see that in our master bedroom, the boys king bedroom, and the front bedroom of our Waco home.

As you can see from the mood board above, I am going with a tan, off white, and copper theme. I absolutely love these furniture pieces. 

King Bed for Bedroom Makeover

I love this vision for the bedroom on our third floor and as I look at these before photos, I cannot believe the bedroom looks this bad.

Are you ready?

The Before Photos

This is by far the worst photo. It makes me laugh.

Bedroom Makeover Before Photo

There is nothing good happening in this photo. The drapes are broken,  noting matches and the Christmas bulbs have been there for a year.

I do have to say that the only reason the black filing cabinet is in that room is that it was too heavy to move down three flights of stairs. It’s true!

I cannot wait to style the bookshelves. Of course, I have no idea what I am going to do with the books. I want to keep most of them but we shall see.

Bedroom Makeover Before Photos

You would have thought I could at least have found a dust ruffle for this bed.

Bedroom Makeover Plans

To start, I am going to empty out the room. I don’t expect to keep much. Maybe I will keep the mirror and some of the books, but that’s it. 

I have four weeks and four main projects. Let me tell you what I am planning to do!

Create a Statement Wall Behind the Bed

Bedroom Makeover Photos

As you can see, it’s kind of an unusual wall behind the bed. But I am going to do something to make it stand out. I have a few ideas that are pretty fun.

Paint the Room

It goes without saying that I want to paint the room. We have used this paint color a lot in our home and I want something lighter on the walls. 

Replace the Light Fixtures

I am not a fan of ceiling fans but we put one in here at the request of my father. I don’t even remember why he thought we needed one.

Paint an Abstract Painting for the Room

In my former life, I was a full-time artist and instructor. I am excited to pull out my palette knives and paint a fun abstract painting for this room.

If  I end up with some extra time, I am going to try to recover the green chair and ottoman. But I think there is about a 10% chance of that happening. If anyone thinks a slipcover could work on this chair, then I might have time for that.

Chair Upholstery Project

It’s time to get started as I have less than four weeks to finish this room. Once these projects are done I will be partnering with one of my favorite brands to furnish the room.

I am so excited and can’t believe that in less than a month this room will look entirely different!

Feel free to send your ideas, opinions, and suggestions!

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  1. Thank you for sharing so much information and the before pics.
    Love everything you do!!
    Excited to see the end result. 😊

  2. Love your color palette and all you have planned. That chair is so beautiful, and (someday) would look fabulous reupholstered in something new. I can’t wait to see your transformation! Everything you do is perfection!

  3. I’m so happy to see this room and know that others still have the pieces from “ before”🤣 The room has several interesting features and you will wave your magic wand and Cinderella will appear. I’m eager for the reveal!!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you do with this room, you should do a slipcover for that gorgeous chair and ottoman, Miss Mustard Seed did an adorable one for her office chair just recently!

  5. Well ok – that wasn’t the BEST photo, but hey I’ve taken way worse! 🙂 That’s a darling room and I love your colors – it’s going to be great! And I can’t wait to see your art! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  6. Don’t beat yourself up. An unused third floor bedroom is lucky if it is even furnished.
    Being on the third floor – don’t be too fast in removing that ceiling fan. There will be a time soon when everyone who rid themselves of those wonderful fans will put them back in. It is good for mother earth, good for heating and cooling bills, efficently keeping things comfortable – esp on the third floors – and can be a good source of light. I would never ever get rid of mine. One trend I never bought into.

    Last but not least – can you have some nice looking doors made to put on those AWESOME bookshelves- just to hide the books but still keep them there? (Another fad I don’t understand. If I had built in books I would surely house my books in them.)

    Keep the room simple. If you style your shelves you will have to dust that stuff in a room you are seldom using. Bah – just put on some nice doors. That’s my unasked for opinions, haha.

    I love your inspiration boards – and you always do an amazing job with everything you design – so I am really looking forward to your makeover!!!!!! You are partnering with a few of the very BEST out there, yourself included. This is going to be special – difficult, costly, maybe fun, and super stressful. But you got this. I know you do. ♥

    Good luck!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Michele! Love the thoughts and all you had to share 🙂 Thank you for following along with me for this journey!!

  7. Love the plans and can’t wait to see it come together! Can you share the link for that light fixture? Love it!

  8. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do. I’m in love with neutrals, have a bedroom with khaki/burlap and white. Love the fall color scheme, anxiously await to see how you use it.
    Stay safe and keep us posted

  9. That color pallet is beautiful. I too love grays and whites but this neutral is so soothing. I can’t wait to see what you do with the bookshelves. I have been liking the color coding of the books. It just looks fun. Anyway, enjoy this project. I know it will look incredible.

  10. I love makeovers and can’t wait to see the beautiful new bedroom reveal. Have gone to Thistlekeeping and can’t find her room make-over. Please help. The link took me to the INspired Room bathroom make-over but when I clicked on Thisltekeeping I could not find it.

  11. Hi. Im a Miss Mustard seed follower and she has very detailed videos on how to upsholster a chair. You have experience on sewing; you’ll be fine. ❤

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