The Best Dining Room Rug

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I absolutely love our new dining room rug. It’s the perfect color, size and it’s all wool. It’s from Loloi Rugs!

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rug

I have been looking for a new dining room rug for a while. I had something specific in mind. I wanted wool. I wanted a hooked rug. And I wanted the colors off-white, tan, grey, pink, and brown.

Loloi Dining Room Rug

I was approached by Loloi Rugs and I couldn’t believe it when I found this rug. #sponsored.

It’s from their Norabel Collection and it’s in Ivory/Blush.

Here is a close up of our rug. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rug 6

It looks perfect with our floors. It looks great with our unique painted walls. And it matches all of the decor I have stored in our butler’s pantry. Hah!

Dining Room Rug

I took this photo of our table and the rug underneath. Isn’t it incredible how well it looks?

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Colors

There are so many colors in this Loloi rug that it would match just about any table setting. I had so much fun setting the table based on the color of the rug!

The Best Dining Room Rug and Table

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I pulled out some of my glassware. The cranberry glass is vintage. But the tall flutes with the etching are from Anthropologie. They were one of my Christmas presents. And I love them!

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Table

I sat down on the floor to share with you a really great view of my rug.

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rug

I think this rug will look great all year long.

The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rug 7

Even during the holidays!

The Best Dining Room Rug

So what do you think?

The Best Dining Room Rug

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wool rugs better?

Wool rugs are more natural and last a lot longer than polypropylene carpet. Wool rugs are flame resistant, while the chemicals in synthetic rugs might make them highly flammable. I actually don’t like the smell of synthetic rugs. Polypropylene rugs are cheaper but they are not good for the environment.

Are wool rugs worth the money?

Wool is a strong and natural fiber and wool rugs typically are a bit more expensive. Keep in mind that wool rugs last for decades, are highly durable, and keep their color and pattern over time. A rug made of wool will typically be softer and more plush.

How do you clean a wool rug?

Shake out the rug and vacuum it. Make your own cleaning solution with one bucket of cold water and 2 TBL of Woolite. Use a sponge to swab the rug with cleaning solution. Use another sponge with water to rinse the rug. Let dry.

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  1. That rug is gorgeous. The entire room is just warm, inviting and says, “ come on in and let’s sit together eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company” simply lovely!

  2. Leslie
    Thank you for sharing. Love all

    My question
    Tell me about the display of Christmas balls on your kitchen counter top –
    What is the item that looks like a round box? Is this what it is?
    Is it wooden?
    Where can I obtain this item?

    1. Hi Ethel – thank you for reaching out. I believe you are asking about the antique ice cream maker. I bought it at a vintage store, so do not have a resource for you. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! I am so glad that you are loving what I share. I have so much planned for 2021, I am excited. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Leslie, Yes, the rug is beautiful, but your floors! I’m wondering if the were original and refinished? If not, tell me the manufacture & name? Really perfect mid tone color.
    Thanks, Cali

  4. The whole room is fabulous! The new rug is the lipstick of the room! Would you share the color of your walls? I am digging it!!! Refreshing to see color and it makes the room cozy.
    Thank you, Mary

    1. Mary, thank you so much for reaching out with your comment! The new rug is the lipstick of the room, I love it! Search “paint colors” on my website and you will find the post for all of the colors and brands for every room! Have a great week Mary!

  5. We put in an offer on an 122 year old Colonial Revival home in Arkansas!!! It’s amazing! My husband and I are so excited to decorate and live in such an incredible home!

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