Why I Love to Collect Vintage Crocks

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I love collecting vintage items and just recently I started collecting vintage crocks. These crocks have so many uses and I love displaying and using them around our house.

large vintage crocks

Surprise Announcement! I have a new Collection. Haha. In addition to collecting vintage quilts, transferware, flower frogs, cake stands, English advertising pots, ironstone, and more. But now I am collecting vintage crocks. And this time I have a reason!

If you are not familiar with crocks, before the advent of refrigeration, crocks were used in American kitchens to store foodstuffs such as butter, salted meats, and pickled vegetables. The crocks were usually made of stoneware, a durable, economical ceramic that remains water-tight, even without a glaze.

crocks in the craft room

Vintage crocks come in all different sizes and shapes and can be the size of a pint up to many, many gallons. The numbers on the crocks usually correspond to the size.

So why am I collecting crocks?

I love to use them in our home. I am also always looking for unique items to have on hand for when we entertain. I want our home to be unique and anytime I can “repurpose” a vintage item then I am happy. The crocks are also perfect for arranging flowers and holding utensils. So let me take you on a tour of my home and show you all of the places I am using my vintage crocks.

At the Front Door

crocks for plants

These crocks are absolutely perfect for holding plants on our front porch. I love that they are vintage and chippy and different!

using crocks for faux florals

I also used them during the fall to hold some gorgeous fall faux foliage. I love this so much.

Vases for Fresh Flowers

spring floral arrangements

A few weeks ago I used some vintage crocks to hold a ton of tulips that I picked up at Trader Joe’s. The response on my blog and Instagram was unbelievable and I am so grateful. I now have these crocks filled with daffodils and they look wonderful!

In the Kitchen

vintage crocks to store items

Crocks come in all different sizes and I love using the smaller ones for utensils and cooking tools. I also can’t wait to use them for napkins and serving pieces.

Around the Home 

vintage crocks in an arrangement

I created this display in our living room and I absolutely love how it looks.

In the Carriage House

My next remodeling project involves our Carriage House. Currently, it’s basically a storage room and I really need to clear out this space. I want to utilize the space for projects and entertaining, On the “projects” side I have a large table from a candy store that has a large bottom shelf. This shelf is just perfect to hold a large number of crocks which can be used to store all of the materials I need for my projects. I cannot wait.

vintage crocks

Where to Find Crocks

The best place to find crocks is at a vintage flea market or thrift store. When I say “best place” I am referring to price. You can also find them in antique stores. They are hard to find but they are plentiful. You can also find them online but their weight almost makes shipping too expensive! There are some great new crocks that you should consider too. They look amazing.

How Much do Crocks Cost?

Some of you are asking how much these crocks cost. Most of the crocks cost me about $10. Last year I bought a really large crock at the Long Beach flea market and it was $45. But that is the most I have ever spent. Earlier this week I was in Palm Springs and I stopped by their vintage antique flea market. I picked up two medium size crocks. I paid $5 and $10 for each, so my investment was minimal. I have seen them in antique stores for four to ten times that amount so it helps to shop wisely. Of course, I am basically a pretty cheap person so I am always looking for a bargain.  

I have seen some of the larger crocks priced over $100. I haven’t paid that much but I think it is a common price range for the larger crocks.

I am so excited to be collecting these crocks. I hope you might consider it too.


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  1. Now you’ve gotten me looking around my house at how I can use some of the vintage crocks I have. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Leslie,
    Very insightful and creative ideas. You do not disappoint. Crocks are a staple. 🤗🤗🤗

  3. I do love me some crocks and use them all over the place. 🙂 I have one that has a weird smell and have tried everything to do to get rid of it. I’m not sure what they stored in it but it’s yucky. Any ideas?! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you for the info on the prices. I have not seen all the different shaped crocks in your collection. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is a pleasure to read.

  5. I use my larger crocks as end tables. A round piece of plywood or piece of glass works great for tops. I’ve also found an old wooden lady susan that fits. They are great for storage like throw blankets toys or whatever else you want on had but out of sight.

  6. I had some crocks from my grandmother’s house in the tool shed. After seeing your tulips in a crock, you inspired me to bring one into the house. I filled it with flowers as a centerpiece for a dinner party and received many compliments. I love how it looks and plan to keep it filled with flowers. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  7. My husband made fitted wooden tops/lids for our two large crocks and I use them as tables out on our patio. I use a smaller one for holding napkins and a couple of other ones for holding my kitchen tools next to my stove.
    Jean McGee

  8. One word of caution from my unfortunate experience with some larger, rather expensive crocks … I had used a couple of mine outdoors as plant holders to contain/hide plastic pots from the garden center! Because of the porous nature of the clay, they cracked in our very infrequent freezing temps in Texas. I knew better, just forgot to bring them in!!! How sad was I when discovering this. *Sigh* …

  9. Leslie,
    I love the utilitarian look that the crocks lend.
    I have a few family heirloom ones in our Family Room.
    I gifted the larger family crocks to my daughter~in~law
    which proudly displays in her Family Room around their
    potbelly wood burning stove.
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. I have a collection of crocks. I really didn’t think of them as a collection until I read your blog! One of my favorite ones is a very large one that I’ve been using in my garage to store brooms, garden tools, poles, etc. I found it on the curb years ago. It has cracks, but I love it! I am going to clean it up a bit and use it differently, in order to treat it more gently. I really enjoy your blog.

  11. The arrangement in the crock that’s a fall arrangement is gorgeous. Those pink flowers add just the right touch. The cloth pumpkins are cute, too!

  12. I have a bunch of crocks of different sizes. I store cat food cans in one fairly large one in my kitchen. It holds about 4 cases of food and makes for easy access. I have a larger one that I use as an end table with a wooden Lazy Susan on top and I store the pillows for my porch swing in it during inclement weather.
    I recently moved and all the small ones that I had on top of my kitchen cabinets can no longer be used that way. You have inspired me to reorganize my crafts and use them for that way! Thanks!

  13. Love old crocks,I have some from my great-grandmother,some are over 100yrs old and in great shape.thank you for ideas.

    1. How lucky are you Jackie to have found some from your great-grandmother! What an amazing story they will tell throughout the generations. Thank you for reaching out and letting me know!

  14. I too have a big crock collection. The 5 and 6 gallon one make great water baths for sous vide cooking. With good insulating properties and minimal surface area for evaporation.

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