What to Cook for Dinner – How to Find Thousands of Recipes To Make With the Food You Already Have


Most of us are cooking more at home and sometimes finding the right recipes is hard to do. I have struggled every day deciding what to cook for dinner. I am so happy I found this amazing website which will help us all cook great meals with the food we already have in our homes.


I think we are all cooking a lot more in our kitchens these days. But food is limited and it’s hard to cook creatively when your food options are limited. How many of you have thought you had no idea what to cook for dinner?  Well, good news. I just found an app where you can add your ingredients in your home and the app instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites! In fact, you can find thousands of recipes to cook with the food you already own.

It’s true. I have only 82 different food items of food in our home (where I have been quarantined by myself for 6 days) and I just found 7,823 recipes to make with just what I have. 

I know the grocery stores are open. But if you are like me, venturing outside your home is the last thing you want to do. Food delivery is an option, but it’s hard to find food and a delivery option that can deliver in a timely fashion. 

I am so happy I found this amazing website which will help us all cook great meals with the food we already have in our homes.

what to cook for dinner

So let me show you how this works.

You can access Supercook on your computer or phone and they have a great app you can download too.

Step One – Add Your Ingredients

There are two ways to enter the items in your kitchen. You can select the items in each category (dairy, vegetables, fruits, baking and grains, sweeteners, spices, meats, fish, seafood, condiments, oils, seasonings, sauces, legumes, alcohol, soup, nuts, dairy alternatives, desserts, snacks, and beverages) or you can read off everything in your kitchen using the voice dictation option. Since I had limited ingredients, I went through the categories and tapped on what I had. I assume the dictation option would work well as you could just walk around your kitchen dictation what you see.

what to cook for dinner with the ingredients you already have

You can see below how I selected my items that fit the category “dairy”. Sadly, I only had five dairy items in the house. But I am in our vacation home and we always have limited food supplies here!


Fortunately, I have a lot more spices.

find recipes by ingredient list

Step Two – Find Your Recipes

As soon as I filled out all twenty of the categories I clicked on “See Recipes”.

I almost fell over when 7,823 recipes (that can be made with my 82 ingredients) popped on my screen!

find new recipes

See the categories at the top that are “Meal Type”, “Video Only” and “Key Ingredient”?

what to cook for snaks

Step Three – Select Recipes by Meal Type

I clicked on Meal Type and look at all of the options that appeared on my screen.

What to Cook for Lunch

I selected Entree and a lot of recipes popped up. Of course, they were somewhat limited since I don’t have any meat or chicken or fish in the house.

what to cook

But here are two recipes that I really like. The first is Hot Hounds with Beer and Mustard Barbied Onions. I have bread, beer, and onions so I can make this.

I tapped on the recipe and it looks great. It has reviews and lots of options.

lunch recipes

When I saw the recipe “Spaghetti with Red Wine Sauce” I decided that will be what I am cooking for my dinner tonight.

Find Recipes From What You Have in Your Pantry   search for recipes by ingredient

Just in case you want to make it, here is the recipe. 

Spaghetti with Red Wine Sauce

spaghetti with red wine sauce recipe how to make spaghetti with red wine sauce

How to Find Supercook

You can access Supercook on your computer by clicking here.

Or you can download the APP on your phone for Apple or Google.

I love having the APP on my phone.

what to cook for dinner

Let me know what you think. And please pass this on to your friends. I think a lot of us can use this handy tool right now.

Stay home and be safe. And have fun cooking!

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  1. I found Supercook yesterday. A great app. I had no idea that my pantry could make over 10,000 different recipes. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Another Home Run, of course WE always have wine! Thanks for the info. Stay safe hope your boys are ok.

  2. Great find Leslie! Hope you don’t have to stay alone for a long time though…and are able to get more food! Stay safe.

  3. I cook every day because I have lupus and physical challenges. I am a good cook but now I am determined to become a great cook. Thank you for this fantastic app. I always search Pinterest for new recipes because I never make the same meal twice in a month. I use leftovers for a completely new meal. This will make my 30 day meal plan a “piece of cake.”

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