Adding organization in to my craft room


I spent all day yesterday in my craft room working on blog posts and wrapping gifts for this week’s Twenty Thursdays Till Christmas post. And I wasted so much time it wasn’t even funny.


Remember this chest I refinished a few months ago to store my craft supplies?


It’s full of craft supplies. But there is a big problem. Unfortunately, I just can’t remember which drawers are holding which supplies.

So yesterday I wasted hours playing “Concentration”. Remember that game? You would turn cards over and try to remember their location to find a match? All day long I would open ten drawers to try to find something, only to return a few minutes later and open six drawers to find something else. I kept thinking, I know they are here somewhere …

Enough. This was ridiculous. I spent two hours today organizing this cabinet with labels. I cannot believe it took me so long to do this. Completely ridiculous.




I know the labels don’t look perfect but that was my intention. I used rubber stamps and small square index cards (which were sitting on my desk and just happened to be the perfect size when folded.)

Now, every time I look at my cabinet, I laugh.  Did it really take me two months to spend two hours to put labels on this cabinet?

Completely ridiculous. But very common for a creative person. Right?


Please tell me I am not the only person that does this.

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