Before you lash out at me for posting Christmas décor in July (and now August), let me explain what this idea is. We’ve all been there where it’s mid-December and we realize we’re totally behind. On gifts, on RSVPing to parties, sending out Christmas cards and even putting up the decorations. Or even if you’re ahead, maybe you’re feeling uninspired. I figured that if I started now, I would be able to get creative with my décor ideas and have a whole repertoire of ideas. So, if you don’t feel like reading now, bookmark this and remember me come Christmas so that you can find some great Christmas décor ideas. When you are ready. 



This week’s décor idea is a simple one. In fact, I didn’t even make anything. I bought it all at hobby lobby. On sale.

Hobby Lobby (and other crafts stores) sell a lot of large letters. They have them in wood, paper mache, metal and other materials. I thought it would be fun to use letters to spell a holiday word. I wanted either joy, holly or noel. But I could not find the letter “o” in the letters I liked.

IMG_5906I finally selected the word NOEL and decided to get creative to find something else that could work as my “o”. I went over to the Christmas aisle (yes, it was July and they already had four aisles of Christmas stuff). No comment. Since the letters were white, I wanted something in white also. Unfortunately, no luck.

Then I went over to the floral aisle and found this fabulous wreath. It was the right size and the perfect color. Doesn’t it look great?

IMG_5888So if you find yourself at your favorite craft store, check out the wood or metal “letters” and if they don’t quite have all of the ones you need, just improvise!

And yes, I know it’s not actually twenty thursdays ’till Christmas. I just like to give myself some wiggle room since the holidays are a busy time! 

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  1. I bought that letter N @ Hobby Lobby for my friend Nancy and told her we would figure out later what to do with it, now I know! Thanx Leslie

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