Finishing the Tile on Our Master Bedroom Fireplace




A few months I tackled a renovation in our master bedroom. I finished most everything but my last big project was the fireplace. And just so you know, the fireplace was really ugly. And since I was the one that picked this out (like 19 years ago) I can say that, right?



I had found some leftover marble tile that we used in our master bathroom and thought we could use that. But unfortunately my handyman struggled with the re-tiling and I ended up having to tear out the work he had done. Which meant we had to order new tile. So we waited a few months before they could finish the fireplace. At least, it was gray and matched my decor …


There are always hiccups with remodeling projects. This one wasn’t that bad because the amount of tile needed to redo the fireplace was very little.

I wanted to use marble and the tiles I selected look great. I hired a professional to install it. I thought it wouldn’t be smart to have any more installation issues.


I love how it turned out! I still need to find a fireplace screen. I am hoping to find an old gate that I can add some screen to make it a functional screen. It’s a small opening but the right vintage piece would look amazing! (Do I hear a trip to the flea market in my future…?)


The last thing I need to do to finish the room is to find a new chair and ottoman and hang some art. I am going to get a slipcovered chair at IKEA so that will be easy. I am working on the art and hope to finish that in the next few weeks. I cannot wait for this room to be done.

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