The Family Room Makeover – Creating a Plan


IMG_6321I have posted plenty of photos of our family room. But they have been very sneaky.

Here is a photo you have seen many times of the dining table in our family room.


Plus you have seen a few photos looking into our kitchen from the family room. Then last week I posted this photo. It was taken looking into the direction of our entry way.

IMG_6322But, there is a side of my family room that you have never seen. You know how most people have a couch and/or chair that they sit on? Perhaps to play games, visit with family or watch tv?

Well, we have one of those too. We have a nice seating area in our family room, but I have been too embarrassed to show it. So here goes …


Yep. That couch. Hmmm. Seventeen years ago it was very chic and in style. Now? Not so much. The good news? It's a slip covered sectional from Pottery Barn. The bad news? It's a 17-year-old slip covered sectional from Pottery Barn.

I won't bore you with the saga of trying to order a slipcover from Pottery Barn. (I will save that for another blog post.) But this couch is a perfect size for this room. And new sectionals cost a bloody fortune. Unfortunately, new sectional slipcovers cost a lot too.


On the bright side, the new chair I bought at Pottery Barn looks great in this room! It's amazing to see what some bright white does to this room!


So I am going to have the sectional spruced up (with more stuffing in the right places) and a new slipcover made to kind of match the chair. Then I will replace the rug in a neutral color. Finally, I am redoing all of the art. As in me personally. More about that later. 🙂

My design plan has this family room project completed in mid-September.

The final issue is the coffee table. But that's a long story and I need your advice. Stay tuned for that blog post later this week.

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  1. I love your 100 year old home and your 17 year old couch isn’t all that bad:). I also love that tray on your coffee table. Can you tell us where that came from?

  2. That was funny! I love seeing that other people have hidden gems in their home that they would rather not share. At least I’m not alone! It is a really pretty couch with great bones. Glad you are able to keep it. I do really love the rug!

  3. Help…that’s what I need. We had heat pumps installed and they had to mount the one in the family room in a noticeable spot. It is white, the wall is terra cotta….ugh! A visual insult! Have a bunch of different ideas…but not the right one yet. Looks like I may be going white as well. Looking forward to seeing your finished room and coffee table solution.

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