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As the seasons change every few months, so does the decor in my home. Of course, if you had told me a year ago that I would be changing my decor every few months, I would have said you were crazy. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of when I started @my100yearoldhome on Instagram and boy, have things changed around here.

Last year I redecorated a lot of our home. (I should mention that if you ask my husband, he would say I redecorated our entire home!) But it was a “soft goods” remodel. I slipcovered sofas, added new rugs, bought a few pieces of furniture and hung a few new lamps. But the impact was very dramatic. Our home used to have a very sporadic color palette. I like color, so I used a lot of colors in our home. But I reached the point where I wanted a simpler palette and went with a new palette of white and off-white. Exciting, huh?

When your home is a simple white palette, it is so easy to add color with the changing seasons. And I really do love it.

It has taken me a week to “undecorate”. When I returned from our two and a half week Europe trip, I had an entire house of Christmas decor that needed to be put away. And it took me WAY longer than I expected. (I have an injured foot and it’s just not that fun to lift things. In fact, it hurts a lot.)

I decided to start in our dining room and bring some Valentine’s Day cheer into our decor.

My dining room actually doesn’t really have any white in it. The walls are painted kind of an espresso brown and the only decor, our dining table and buffet, are a gray-washed wood. But it’s a mild and simplified palette and bringing in the red really works.

I pulled out all of the table decor from my existing inventory. (Oddly enough, that inventory has grown quite a bit in the last year.) The placemats and chargers are from Pier1. The red plates are from Hobby Lobby and the Rae Dunn heart shaped plates are from HomeGoods and Marshalls.


The flowers are from the grocery store. Sometimes it’s just not practical to go to the flower mart. If I am only creating centerpieces for one table then I usually buy my flowers at Trader Joes. They are very inexpensive and convenient!

The flowers are in vases from Save-on-crafts. I love these galvanized vases! They are so inexpensive and versatile and I use them all of the time! The flower arrangements are very simple (as most of mine are) but I love the red and white color palette.

I now have one room decorated for the winter season. Our living room is almost done and I am really excited about the ice blue accent color I have added in there. I just have one more pillow to finish and I will share the photos next week!

Before I end my blog post, I wanted to share some of my “oops” photos. These are the photos that I think look great, but when I add them to my blog post I realize there is a “big oops”. I am pretty sure you can identify the problems …

I have no idea how I never noticed the galvanized buckets and metal stand sitting on the far right. Seriously?

And yes, the Marshall’s bag doesn’t really need to be in this photo. I took ten photos before I noticed it was sitting in the chair. Oh, brother!

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  1. I love decorating for Valentine’s Day! It just gives that much needed umph to get through the long winter! Your finding room is beautiful with the valentine touches! I’m glad you showed to two “oops” photos! Take care and don’t over do it on that poor foot of yours!

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have always loved color, and the thought of white or neutral walls bored me. I too have found myself wanting simple and neutral, and like you said, color can be changed out and added seasonally.

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