The Big Announcement!

I am so excited that I can finally share my big announcement with you. I have been waiting for more than a year to tell you I wrote a book!

We have been working on the book for a year and a half and It has been an incredible process. A Home to Share will be released on September 27, 2022, and be sure to click here for more details about my book!

My new book, A Home to Share, is available for Pre-order now.

Yes, I Wrote a Book!

A Home to Share

A Home to Share is all about the spirit of welcome: It is a guide to giving new life to underused spaces and bringing cozy, truly livable decor to every room of the house—including outdoor rooms to extend home space in temperate weather. It’s also about creating a home that welcomes your family and friends, creating gatherings throughout your home, indoors and out, and some new amazing DIYs!

I am very proud to share with you we created new content for everything in the book! This means I have been living a double life for more than a year. While we created new content every day for the blog and social media platforms, we were also, in the background, writing this book.

I was a complete newbie to the process, which means I had no idea what the rules were for writing a book. Perhaps being new to writing a book was actually a blessing in disguise. Not knowing the rules meant that I wasn’t bound by a preconception of what or how the process should be.

How A Home to Share Came To Be

Many of you have encouraged me to write a book. I can’t even begin to thank you for your frequent comments and urging because, without you, this book never would have happened.

Once I decided to write a book, I signed with a wonderful agent, Stacey Glick with Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC, who found an amazing publisher, Shawna Mullen at Abrams Books, and my idea for a book became a reality in the spring of 2021.

With only six months to write and photograph the book, we spent every day focused on concept creation and writing sessions. We also spent weeks planning the styling and how to execute photo shoots. Of course, I spent weeks creating the DIYs. On top of that, we had 14 full-day photo shoots which took place over three months.

Of course, all of this was happening behind the scenes while working full time creating daily blog posts!

It was an extraordinarily creative time and I am so proud of the final book. A Home to Share has definitely been a journey of love, laughter, creativity, sweat, and a few tears!

Behind the Scenes

We had fourteen photoshoots with our beyond amazing photographers Shawna Mullen and Natashia Holland from Public 311 Design. Because I had no preconceived idea of what a photo shoot for a book should be, on our first two photo shoots we completely flipped rooms by rearranging furniture, swapping out rugs and light fixtures, and completely changing the color palette of the room. At the time it seemed completely reasonable to me. Shawna and Natasha showed up and thought we were a little bit crazy, but the photos they captured were worth the effort!

Every single photo was beautiful!

Hiccups Along the Way

As crazy as this sounds, we had to reschedule the beach photoshoot four times. I drove all the way to the beach, twice, only to find that it was cloudy and overcast. Another day, I arrived at the beach to discover the entire beach was covered in stinky seaweed. Literally covered. It would have required a bulldozer to move the seaweed to get a nice photo!

And another day, I arrived at the beach to find a ten-foot ditch dug the length of our beach. Wait, what? Who knew that was supposed to happen?

Fortunately, the fifth attempt was a success. Thank goodness everyone was flexible and understanding that Mother Nature had some different plans for those days.

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Pre-Order, Pre-Order Bonus, and Join My Launch Team!

Preorder the Book

There is a new page on my website that has everything you need to know about A Home to Share. It’s also where you can order my book!

You can pre-order the book on Amazon. You can also pre-order from Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop. If you are in Canada, you can order from Indigo and if you are in the UK, you can order from Waterstones. You can also order a signed copy of my book here.

Get the Preorder Bonus

There is a pre-order bonus that you will not want to miss. Once you order the book, be sure to head to the A Home to Share page on the blog linked here. Fill in your information, together with your receipt or order number, and you will be registered for the pre-order bonus.

Join the Launch Team

I would also love for you to join my launch team! A Home to Share embraces the spirit of welcome and I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm! My launch team is a dedicated group of friends and supporters who are excited about my book and willing to share it with their friends in whatever way feels authentic. As a thank you for your support, you’ll be invited to special events (online and in person) and we’ll celebrate together with a virtual launch party!

Styling Favorites

Below I am sharing some of the items that were used to style the photos in the book. You’ll have to wait until your copy of the book arrives to see how they are styled, but these are some of my favorites!

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Watch My Amazon Live

Click here to watch any of my Amazon Live shows. All shows are recorded.

Today I am sharing my new book on Amazon Live today at 11:00am PST. I hope you will join me!

Click here to watch the show.

A Home to Share

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I Wrote a Book, A Home to Share!

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  1. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you and can’t wait to preorder and receive what I know will be a treasure!

  2. So thrilled for your new book, congratulations!! I am a faithful follower of yours. Can’t wait to be a part of your launch team❤️

  3. Well done Leslie, how wonderful. Don’t know where you actually found the time to do this but so happy that you did!

  4. Leslie congratulations! Even though this book was a lobotomy of love, we all know you probably worked overtime seeing it to perfection. I’m overly excited for you and I bet your family is as well. Don’t forget to have FUN during this process and enjoy every step of the way! Can’t wait to see what’s next !

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