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We just installed a new myQconnected garage door opener and it is amazing. I love that our Amazon packages are now delivered inside our garage!

beach house

Our beach house just got smarter with the addition of a LiftMaster myQ-connected garage door opener! I know it sounds funny that a house can “get smarter” but first let me explain some of the issues we have had with a home that we only visit every few weeks. This post is sponsored by Chamberlain Group Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a home full time, maintenance and house supplies are always needed. Until now, every time I need something delivered or fixed in our Ventura home, I had to drive an hour and a half to our house. We can’t leave packages on our doorstep and we didn’t have a place to leave packages that was secure or safe in the rain. Maintenance on our home usually requires us to let a repair person into the garage. Since the only way for anyone to access the garage was through the front door, I have to be there to let them in.

Well, that has all changed since I have installed a myQ-connected garage door opener!

Garage Man Cave

I had no idea that these issues (and more) could be solved with a new garage door opener. We now have a garage door opener that goes way beyond opening and closing our garage door. I partnered with Chamberlain Group Inc. and they installed a new LiftMaster WLED Wi-Fi® garage door opener with myQ technology.

Check it out here.

(I should probably mention the opener that came with the house when we bought it had no remote, no keypad and to open or close the garage door we had to stand at the pad in the garage and hold the button until it was completely open or closed.) Enough said.

Lift =master garage door opener

With myQ smart technology, I can open my garage with my smart phone from anywhere and always check to see if the garage door is open or closed. When a repairman arrives at our home, I can open up the garage door with the myQ App on my phone. And I don’t need to be there.

Amazon Key

Guess what is the best part about our new garage door opener? We can now connect our myQ App to the Amazon Key App to get in-garage delivery! myQ is a simple solution that gives me the freedom to enjoy keyless smart access and receive Amazon Prime packages delivered inside our garage. As a Prime member, I linked my myQ account to the Amazon Key App. When I place an order, I select “in-garage delivery” at check out.

Amazon Key delivery

Of course, I tried it out right away! I placed an Amazon Prime order for cleaning supplies and received alerts on my phone about the status and completion of the delivery. I am amazed the package was delivered inside our garage. Imagine how well this will work for holiday package deliveries!

This is what my app looks like. As you can see, our garage door at the beach has been closed for 7 days!

By the way, our garage doesn’t store cars. It’s one-half man cave and one-half storage and laundry room. I am pretty sure we open our garage at least twenty times a day.

smart garage door opener

Key by Amazon in-garage delivery works exclusively with CGI’s myQ smart garage technology. To get myQ-connected, customers can purchase one of two Garage Kits. You can install a myQ-connected Chamberlain or LiftMaster Wi-Fi® garage door opener like I did. But there is another great option. The myQ Smart Garage Hub allows homeowners to add connectivity to their existing garage door opener (it works with all major brands of garage door openers). 

You can check to see if you have a compatible garage opener here.

Imagine all of the benefits this can add to your home. Our beach house is definitely smarter. And I actually saved a lot of time with myQ smart technology. I think that makes me smarter too.

Click here to learn more.

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