Thanksgiving Colors and Table Decor Ideas


Fall is perhaps my favorite season because of the colors. I am sharing a table I created using the most gorgeous Thanksgiving colors!

This year, why not add a little extra color to your celebration? From the traditional orange and brown to something a little more festive, I am sharing some ideas for incorporating Thanksgiving colors into your holiday table decor.

Thanksgiving Dinnerware and Thanksgiving Colors

Does it seem early to be thinking about your Thanksgiving table? It’s not because today I am going to share a fun way you can pick your Thanksgiving colors for your table. Because once you have your colors, the rest is easy!

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A New and Fun Way to Pick Your Thanksgiving Colors

What’s the first thing I think about when it is time to set a table? My color palette of course. Have you ever used a Color Palette Generator? It’s an online tool that you can use to identify colors in one of your photos.

Or any photo for that matter.

Let me show you how a Color Palette Generator works. I zoomed in on this photo and cropped two up-close photos. The top two photos are my inspiration photos. Then I used the Adobe Palette Generator which created the row of colors just below. Aren’t these colors fabulous?

So why use a color palette generator? Sometimes I see a photo and I am so inspired I can’t think. It might be a table but it is likely something totally unrelated. But often there is so much going on in the that I can’t figure out what I actually like about it.

Well, you can use a color palette generator to decipher the colors in a photo. And determine your Thanksgiving colors.

So how does this help you?

Let’s say you like this table arrangement I did earlier this year. And perhaps you were thinking of doing something similar on your Thanksgiving table.

Summer Fun Outdoor Party Table

All you need to do is take a screenshot of the photo focusing on the colors you love. Then upload your photo(s) using an online Color Palette Generator and look how amazing this is!

This color palette was made by the free online site Coolors.

You can print out your new color palette and use the color chart as your inspiration for your table. You can shop your home first for tableware, linens, candles, and more. Then take the color chart with you when you are selecting flowers and anything else you may want to find for your table.

Do you see how easy it is to determine the Thanksgiving colors for your table? You can use any photo you want!

Thanksgiving Color Palette Generator

Thanksgiving Dinnerware Table

There are a lot of color palette generators online. Canva and PicMonkey have one. I use the Adobe Create Color Wheel and Coolors. My preference is Coolors because it is free and really easy to use. What I like most about it is you can click on the colors in your photo and pick the ones you want to feature. I think that is a must-have!

As soon as you have picked your colors, click on Create Collage and this is what you get. Just download the photo to your computer.

This color palette was made by the free online site Coolors.

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Thanksgiving Dinnerware and Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinnerware and Thanksgiving Colors

I set this table as an inspiration for Thanksgiving. I used brighter colors than usual and I love it. Seriously, who said I always had to go with brown and orange, right?

So what do you think?

Most of the items on this table I already owned, with a few exceptions. The fresh flowers are all Trader Joe’s flowers and I love them. I just purchased the vintage ironstone bowl (I used it as a vase) online. It was an Instagram sale @shadevintagehome. The Italian gold wine glasses look vintage (but they are not) and they are available and very inexpensive!

Thanksgiving Colors and Thanksgiving Dinnerware

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I have a funny story about these plates. I bought two of them about ten years ago and I have looked for additional ones ever since. The smartest thing I did was register them on Last month I got an email that they had found four of them.

It only took nine years but I finally own six of these fabulous plates! All of the items seen in this photo (except for my hard-to-find-plates, hehe) are linked here.

Don’t you think these items make great Thanksgiving tableware? (And just so you know, there are three more fabulous tables that my blogger friends shared below. Be sure to scroll down and take a look!)

Thanksgiving Dinnerware

You might have seen last year when I made the ceramic planters on the table. I also made a cake plate to match and they are both a similar color to the top color in the color chart. I linked the DIYs.

Sometimes I like to mix things up, so I added my favorite light pink napkins. What do you think?

Thanksgiving Colors on Your Table

Amazon Has Great Tableware at Great Prices!

I buy a lot of my tableware from Amazon, including items I used to set this table. Amazon is my go-to spot whenever I am looking for new tableware.

Thanksgiving Colors and Thanksgiving Dinnerware

Everything You Need To Set Your Thanksgiving Table

I put together a list of everything you need for your Thanksgiving table in one place.

I also created a list of what you might need for your Farmhouse Thanksgiving table.

More Creative Thanksgiving Table Ideas

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Thanksgiving Colors and Table Decor Ideas

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    I absolutely love the color pink. A soft pink is my favorite but any pink will do. I enjoy the varies colors of pink you use depending on the season. One question I have? Where did you get the pink Mason jar that I have seen you use in your decor?

    Thank you for sharing. I am living vicariously through you. Lol
    Have a blessed pink day.

  2. I absolutely love love love that palette of pinks and purples. They look amazing. A nice twist to the fall colour theme. I also love your flowers plates. They brighten up the place setting. I would have so many dish options if only I had room to store them.
    — Wendi 🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. Your colors and tablescape looks enchanting! Please tell me about the individual flowers scattered about on the table, are they metal?

  4. I love fall! My favorite time of year. Yellow, orange and red leaves and my sweet velvet pumpkins. Enjoyed your colors. Happy Fall All.

  5. I love a beautiful table and you do set beautiful ones! Can you give some advice – my table is set with all the beautiful linens, flowers, candles. It’s gorgeous! Do I remove most of it so there is room for food, and people seeing each other across the table? I’ve never read anything, anywhere as how and when to graciously bring people to the table and make it all fit together.

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