FIND OF THE WEEK // Sport’s Food Storage

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sport the dog with his food

Sport has no idea how good he has it. Most dogs have their food stored in one of those ugly gray plastic containers that smell and look like yucky plastic. Sound familiar? But Sport’s mom is all about “making it look good,” so obviously I had to find another option! A good friend of mine always says, “fashion over function” and let’s just say… I’ve taken that to heart!

One day as I was looking at that ugly gray plastic container, I thought to myself, “why is this my only option?” So I gave it some thought and decided to store his food in this vintage cooler. It matches the butler’s pantry decor and just looks awesome. Plus it keeps the food really fresh. That’s what I call a farmhouse win.

I’ve found a few vintage farmhouse coolers (like this one, this one and this one) but honestly, if you like this look the best option would be to thrift it (it is vintage after all!). I only paid $15.00 for mine at the Ventura Antique Flea Market!

P.S. I’ll never admit how many photos or scoops of dog food it took to get this photo! It turns out Sport has no chance of a career in modeling in his future.

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  1. Awwww, Sport is adorable though~~~ I love using something other than those ugly bins for dog food also! This is great!! Can I ask you where the skinny wall mug rack came from?

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