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Snow in south pasadena

April Fools! Actually, it did snow. Hollywood magically made snow at my house last October on a sunny day when it was 86 degrees. We were filming a holiday commercial at our house and they needed a cold wintery day!

This is the fourth time we have seen snow at our house (all were fake) but probably the 100th time we have something filmed here. We have had movies, television shows, and commercials shot at our home. My favorite commercial this year was the one where the kid writes notes to his dad on paper airplanes and throws them over the fence. The neighbor then mails them overseas to the dad and weeks later, the airplanes are sent back over the fence with the father’s response.  Have you seen it? It’s adorable!

We also had a commercial filmed at our house that aired during this year’s Superbowl. It was the Skittles commercial where the boy was throwing skittles up through the window (which is our bedroom window) at his girlfriend’s house. It’s funny, though, because we found skittles under the bed for a few months after they filmed that commercial!

Filming is fun and we haven’t had too much damage. Fortunately every time they pay top dollar for repairs. Who would have known that our one-hundred-year-old home would be so famous!

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  1. Love Hollywood magic ???? I subscribed to your blog for the giveaway and absolutely fell in love with your blog. I too live in LA county and know just how magical real or fake snow is in our area!

    1. Hollywood magic is definitely a thing I love too! I’m so glad that you like what you’ve found here on the blog, Nancy! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

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