Spring Garden Wreath DIY

I love having faux flowers in our home. I have a huge flower rack filled with them. I use them all of the time, over and over again. So today I made a spring garden wreath with reusable flowers.

Spring Garden Wreath

What is a spring garden wreath with reusable flowers? Once you are done with it, you can take it apart and reuse all of the flowers. Over and over again.

I had a really hard time deciding what kind of spring wreath to make. Usually my ideas are way too complicated and I fear that I might drive you all away if they take a day to make.

I might have gone a bit too far because this spring garden wreath can be made in less than an hour.

Spring Garden Wreath

I absolutely love hydrangeas and I had to use faux flowers because I didn’t think real ones would last very long. I found these gorgeous flowers on Amazon and they worked perfectly.

Spring Wreath

I mentioned that the flowers I used in this spring garden wreath are “reusable”. What does that mean?

The hydrangeas flowers come separated from the stem. I secured them to the the wreath in a way that they can easily be removed. Once you are done with the wreath, you can easily remove them and attach the stems and put them in a vase.

Spring Garden Wreath

Garden Wreath for Spring

What You Need to Make This Wreath

Garden Spring Wreath Supplies

The hydrangeas come in two pieces. Set aside the stems to use for later.

Spring Garden Wreath Flowers

Step one – Wrap the extra greenery or white flowers around the wreath form so that they can be pulled out and used again.

Spring Garden Wreath 2

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Step two – This is how mine looked once I added the white flowers and greenery.

Spring Garden Wreath 3

Step three – Start adding the hydrangeas by pushing the stems inside the wreath frame.

Spring Garden Wreath 4

Continue around the frame. I alternated between pushing the hydrangeas through the outside and inside rows of the wreath frame.

Spring Garden Wreath 5

Continue adding the flowers but be careful not to cover all of the white flowers and greenery.

Spring Garden Wreath 6

I continued adding hydrangea flowers around the bottom side of the wreath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Garden Wreath 7

Fill the entire wreath, all of the way around the wire wreath form.

Spring Garden Wreath 9

And here is the clever part. As you can see in the photo above, the stems of the hydrangeas are sticking through the backside of the wreath form. You can secure them temporarily with wire (or glue if you want them to be permanent). I decided to use craft sticks and I just stuck them through the stem so that they could not fall outward to the front.

In the photo below, you can see my silly craft sticks holding in all of the flowers. Once I am done with the wreath, I can pull out the craft sticks and loosen the hydrangea flowers.

Spring Garden Wreath 8

Here you can see I attached the stems to the flowers. I can now use the hydrangeas any time in a vase.

Reusing the Hydrangeas from the Spring Garden Wreath

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  1. Hello! Hydrangea’s are my favorite flower and I love your wreath! I don’t usually write comments (altho I do read all of your blog posts). However, making the wreath “reusable” is genius. (And I may have a bit of a wreath problem…and storage can get tricky — especially as we are downsizing into a 110 year old house!)

    1. Thank you so much Diana for reaching out. I so very, very much appreciate your comment. I love hydrangeas too and didn’t want to cut them up for the wreath. I love that they are reusable! Good luck with your downsizing to a 110 year old house, it sounds amazing!

  2. Your wreath is just beautiful! I too love hydrangeas and the color of these faux pink ones are just yummy! Very creative to create a reusable wreath! It is always a pleasure to pop over and see what creative thing you are up to. You always inspire:)


  3. So pretty! I hope to get my Spring wreath finished by the weekend. LOL

    How clever are you with those craft sticks?!

  4. Amazingly gorgeous. This is my favorite color of pink, and this wreath I can see hanging on our front door, for the spring. Thanks for sharing

    1. I am all about pink this spring Ivory! These faux hydrangeas were super reasonable and I love that I can reuse them! Let me know if you make a wreath!

  5. Your wreath is beautiful. Love that it’s reusable, although I would probably not have the heart to take it apart!

    1. Thank you so much Sharon! I do love the wreath, not sure I will dismantle it, but I can if I want to1 Have a great weekend!

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