The Five Best Back to School Crafts for Kids

Going back to school is different for a lot of kids (and parents) this year. Many children are learning virtually online and as parents, we want to help create the best home school environment. Today I am sharing five school crafts projects for kids you can make together.

Back to School Crafts

This post is sponsored by JOANN. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

Today I am sharing five Back to School crafts that will help your kids stay organized and have fun.  I think the best way to help your children get ready for school is to create the most lifelike childhood school setting. My Back to School crafts are the perfect way to make this happen!

All of the craft supplies, my Cricut Maker machine, the bags and aprons, and the decor items are all from JOANN. In fact, if you haven’t seen the inventory of back to school items at JOANN you should go today. The selection and prices are unbelievable.

Back to School Crafts at home

The decor items in this photo are the Bloom Fall Maple Leaf and Berry Bush Stems, the Crates and Pallet Crate, and the Fall Floral Apples.

Let’s get started with your first school crafts project!

First Day of School Board

When our kids were young we didn’t have anything like this adorable sign. I  love seeing the photos of everyone’s kids starting the first day of school with these signs.

This is the sign and I finished in a few hours. It is made on craft board, painted with black chalk paint.  I cut the vinyl from my Cricut machine and every year the “boxes” should be filled out. The hardest part to make this was figuring the layout and I am pleased to say that all of the Cricut files that I created for these projects can be accessed by following this link.

As soon as school starts, all that needs to be done is to fill out the information with chalk. Of course, the sign can be used year after year.

Back to School Crafts for Kids

What You Need to Make This First Day of School Sign

Medium-sized foam board, thin wood, or chalkboard.

Black Chalkboard Paint

Cricut Holographic Vinyl

Cricut Premium Vinyl

Cricut Transfer Paper

Cricut vinyl

I love this Holographic vinyl. It is so pretty.

Cricut Cutting Holographic Vinyl

Here you can see the Cricut making cuts in the holographic vinyl. Those colors!

I am pretty sure Sophie is going to like this!

Back to School Chalkboard
School crafts projects for kids you can make together.

Cricut Vinyl for Chalkboard

For the full tutorial on this project, just click here for the tutorial on the JOANN site. My Cricut SVG files can be found here.

How to Make a First Day of School Chalkboard

Tie-Dye T-shirts with Tumble Dye

How to Make a Book Bag

This t-shirt was so much fun to make!

How to Make a Tie Dye T-shirt

I loved using the SEI Tumble Dye kit that is non-toxic and ready to use.  I love it because the paint is actually in a spray bottle. It just sprays on and you can make a shirt, with your child, in less than 30  minutes.

    Tie Dye Kit for Tshirt

What You Need to Make This Tie Dyed T-shirt

sei Tumble Tie-Dye Kit

Gildan Youth T-shirt

Tumble Tie Dye Kit

The first step is to bunch up some of the t-shirt fabric and tie it with rubber bands. (I  used ribbon because I couldn’t find any rubber bands.)

Pinching the tshirt

Once you have tied the fabric, bunch it up even more.

Making a Tie Dye T-shirt

Apply the spray paint and let dry. I sprayed each color, making sure to leave some of the white fabric unpainted for the subsequent colors.

Once dry, iron the t-shirt to secure the paint.

Spray Painting the Tie Dye T-shirt

The fun thing about tie-dye is you have no idea what it is going to look like until you are done. This tie-dye kit allows you to do this craft with your child with no mess! I love how this shirt turned out!

Sealing the Paint with an Iron

Apron for School Crafts

Every child needs an apron for crafts and art.  These adorable White Canvas Aprons cost less than  $5 and are a steal.

I  cut out the pink glitter iron-on vinyl using my Cricut Joy machine. This was so easy to make and I love the machine.

What do You Need to Make the Apron for School Crafts

One Canvas White Apron

Pink Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

Tulip Mini Writers (the kids should also get a chance to decorate their aprons too!)

I got some Tulip Mini Writers which are dimensional fabric paints. I am hoping Miss Sophie wants to decorate her apron!

You can use this SVG file to decorate the apron and the bags.

Making an Apron for Crafts

Felt Board

Felt Boards are really fun to make and a quick DIY project. Felt sticks to flannel and the board is so great to use for reading and spelling.

School Crafts for Kids

I cut out the letters on my Cricut machine. You can find the SVG file here.  

Flannel and Felt Letter Board

What You Need to Make the Felt Board

An old piece of cardboard

Two sheets of felt

Packing Tape

1/2 yard white flannel

How to Make a Flannel and Felt Board

Measure out the size that you want. I cut my cardboard 13″ x 13. Cut the felt about 3″ larger all the way around and secure the back with packing tape. 

Cut the letters out by hard or use your Cricut maker machine. The felt will automatically stick to the felt, so don’t need to use any glue.

Book and Art Bags for Sophie

How to Make a Book Bag

Every kid needs a book bag or a backpack so I made them too!

What You Need to Make the Book Bag and Craft Supplies Bags

Pink Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

Tote bags

Canvas zipper bags

Aprons and Bags

I love this bag with glitter vinyl.

How to Make a Book Bag

Every child likes organization and these small art bags are perfect for craft supplies.

You can get my SVG layouts here.

Art Supply BagsArt Supply Bags

School Crafts Supplies

Arts and Crafts Supplies

There are so many great additional craft products at Joann you can use to set up your at home school area.
I have tried to list them all here! Just tap on the links to order online.

Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Large Crayons

Crayola Chalk

Crayola Colored Pencils

Twist Up Crayons

Little Maker Craft Sticks

Memento Stamp Pads

Little Makers Foam Sheets

Little Makers  2200+ Pony Beads

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Five Diy's for School Crafts

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  1. Wonderful ideas!!! I am distance teaching my first grader and we just finished the board above his study area. He loves it and so do I! The T-shirt is next!! Beautiful fall colors and yours looks like leavesūüĎć

  2. Love all of these ideas! The colors ūü•į. Especially like the chalkboard sign. Will share with my sister-in-law, who is home schooling this year. Thank you.

  3. i think you would be a great happy creative grandmother when you have all those grandkids! they will be so creative with you. will want to be at your home forever!!!!!

    which cricut machine do you have brand and size and tools, i think there are different kinds. where do you buy all your supplies joann or on line????

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