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painted canvas bags

I posted this photo on my Instagram today of some painted canvas bags that I made. They are really bright and fun and can be used for so many things! I use them for makeup, receipts, lipstick and lots of other things. Today I thought it would be fun to share the DIY with you as to how I made these bags.

painted canvas bags stencils

What You Need to Make Canvas Bags

Canvas or drop cloth fabric

Lining fabric (I used batik fabric from JOANN)

Pebeo Setacolor Light Fabrics Paint



Sea glass (with hole) and jewelry wire (optional)

painted canvas bags supplies stencils for painted bags 

How to Make a Painted Canvas Bag

  1. Cut or tear your fabric one inch larger than the desired bag size. Cut two out of the canvas and two out of the lining fabric.
  2. Pour paint on to a paper plate and gently roll the paint roller to cover evenly with paint. Tape the stencil on to the fabric and lightly roll the paint over the stencil.

how to paint canvas bags

3. To dry and seal the fabric paint, iron the painted pieces of fabric. Next, pin the top edge of the bag, right sides together. Measure your zipper and sew in one inch from each edge. See below. Next, baste the remaining center area using a long stitch on your machine. This will hold the fabric together and yet allow you to take out the basting thread once the zipper is sewn in.

painted canvas bags sew in zipper

4. Open up the basted seam and pin the zipper in the seam.

painted canvas bags 2

5. Sew the zipper into the bag.

painted canvas bags 3painted canvas bags lining fabric 7. Close the bag up by sewing the remaining three edges together. Don’t forget to open up the zipper before you sew as this is the only way you will be able to flip the bag right side out.

painted canvas bags how to make

This is what your bag should look like.

painted canvas bags 4

8. Pin the lining together, right sides together, and press down the top seam (as pictured.) Sew three sides together, not including the top. Slip the lining inside the bag, just make sure the right side is facing out. 

painted canvas bags inserting lining

Sew the lining in the bag by tracing your precious seam for the zipper.

painted canvas bags 5

You can add the sea glass droplet if you want! And that’s it!

painted canvas bags 6

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these bags. I cannot wait to try some other colors.

painted canvas bags 7

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  1. Do you sell these. I would love to purchase. Believe me I am not a person that can sew. These are beautiful.

  2. Great job! This project would be really really good for a beginner seamstress project in case anyone is worried. From my experience I am hard on bags and purses, I always seem to add too much “stuff” so when I make a bag like these I will double seam the liner! Very nice job with an attractive bag. Thank You

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