Getting Organized in a Vintage Kind of Way


IMG_0321I have to admit I have been freaked out with deadlines lately. I have a lot of blog posts and brand rep posts to complete in the next few months and they have been causing me a lot of stress.

Part of the problem is that I use my iPhone and an excel spreadsheet to track this information and neither system offers me a good overview or “month at a glance” that I need.

I was working in my craft room the other day and I happened to glance at the vintage metal crib mattress holder hanging on the wall.


For some reason, I counted the number of squares across and realized there were seven. Which meant, of course, this could be the planning calendar I have needed!

I grabbed a sharpie pen and my jars of clothespins and numbered as many clothespins as I owned (from 1 to 31).


Then I wrote out my upcoming deadlines (for the next 30 days) for collaboration projects on small square index cards.


I felt the stress leave my body right away! Finally, I have a place where I can oversee my project deadlines.


The best part of this system is that I gave myself some buffer time on the deadlines. So if I can’t get something done, all I need to do is move the card and clip it on another date!



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