It’s Time to Plant a Backyard Garden

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I am so happy that I finally finished replanting my favorite garden. I can’t wait to share with you tips on how to plant a backyard garden.

Two weekends ago I spent a lot of time in our backyard. I was determined to replant my backyard garden and I ended up only having to do a “refresh”.

It's Time to Plant a Backyard Garden

There were a lot of plants that looked pretty good and were worth saving. The only problem is that it was super hot (as in the low nineties) and it was really hard work!

I took out a ton of overgrown plants, cut back some others, and planted so me really fun plants to add more color in what I call “the Carriage House Garden”.

How to Refresh Your Backyard Garden

It's Time to Plant a Backyard Garden

I finished our garden and this is how our garden looks now. I love the look of an English garden and like a garden that looks full and loose and not too perfect or organized.

Does that make any sense?

Time to Plant a Backyard Garden

I loved planting the garden and the replanted pots look amazing.

The previous pots were almost dead, which is really embarrassing that I let them look that bad. You can see how bad they were in the gallery below.

This is a side view of my backyard garden. That’s The Carriage House right behind the garden.

Let's Refresh our Backyard Garden

The roses above the window will be in bloom in a few weeks. They “burst” all at once and they really are gorgeous. In this photo you can see I planted purple Aster and Salvia, and Delphinium.

Backyard Garden

See the gorgeous pink flower on the right? That is a Dahlia! Isn’t it gorgeous? The white bordered impatients are a fun addition too.

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Flowers to Plant a Backyard Garden

Buying Plants for Backyard Garden

I bought my flowers for my backyard garden at The Home Depot. I like to buy my flowers in different heights and sizes so that the flowers don’t look too similar in my garden.

How to Plant Hanging Baskets

i bought Begonias and Petunias and replanted these baskets in about five minutes. I linked the hanging pots below and just love how they turned out. (Yes, the second photo is how my planters looked the day before. They were so bad!)

Isn’t this view of my hanging baskets just lovely?

It's Time to Plant a Backyard Garden with Hangin Pots

You can see the hanging baskets in the garden below. They are hung with Shepherd’s Hooks which are stuck in to the ground. (They are linked below.)

Backyard Garden Refresh

The Backyard Garden Refresh

The first photo below shows how boring my garden looked before. What happened to all of the color?

You can see the plants I bought and a closeup of how they looked after planting.

This was such a fun project!

Ready to get out into the garden? Below are some items that I used for my backyard garden refresh!

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How to Plant a Backyard Garden

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  1. I love the look of the English garden with the carriage house. Soft and subtle but not too overwhelming colors. It gives a soothing look to your backyard.

    1. You are right Yvonne. Ugh, that’s what happens when I write my blog post too late at night!

  2. Your refresh was just right!! Love those hanging baskets on the shepherds hooks….reminded me that I have some hooks that I haven’t used since we had our kids’ weddings in our back yard. The begonias look very pretty in them and are perfect for hanging at eye level on your walkway! What time does Home Depot open?!?

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. As you can see from the before pictures, it was time, maybe past time to refresh the gaarden. I am so happy that you enjoyed the post!

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