Getting Organized in February

You might remember that I created themes for my blog this year. January was all about comfort and making your house cozy. If you recall, some of the things I did this month included restyled our living room with an ice blue accent, sharing a recipe for homemade pasta, a few DIYs and styling projects in our home.
February is all about organization.

I believe getting organized means getting your home, life, and priorities in order. So this month I am going to be spending time doing just that.

The first step to getting organized was to evaluate the system I use to track my projects, ideas, and social media. For this year, I have decided to use two systems. I have a google spreadsheet that I use for my Editorial Calendar to track all of my blog posts. And I have a new Heart of the Farm Planner that I use to track all of my sponsored posts and collaborations. I also use it to schedule my Instagram posts.

I like the Heart of the Farm Planner because it has lots of pages for notes and ideas. So that is where I keep all my brainstorming ideas and thoughts. Needless to say, there are a lot of notes on those pages.

I have identified two areas in our home that need some major organization. The first is our third floor. This is a room I have never shared … and I just might keep it that way. It used to be a game room and guest bedroom with a full bath and a craft room. But over the past year, it has become a storage room for all of my “decor stuff”. Basically, it is a disaster. There is stuff piled up everywhere. It’s not organized and needs some serious attention. The second area is my art studio in our Carriage House. (This is different from my craft room.) As much as I love this space, it often becomes the “catch-all” space for anything that doesn’t have a storage place (and too heavy to take up to the third floor. This area needs some serious attention.

So now you all know that there are some not so lovely hiding places in our home that need some serious attention. My goal is to have these areas organized by the end of the month. Wish me luck.

Lastly, I am excited to get myself more organized. That means setting a new workout routine and meal/cooking plan. Hopefully, I will be off my crutches soon so I can start with that too.

I think it is going to be a very productive and fun month.

Do you have any organization projects left to tackle?

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  1. Leslie….I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! You are an inspiration….super hero status! Hugs for speedy healing on that poor abused foot! It’s hard to keep a super hero down! I can’t wait to see what wonderful projects you create with your limited mobility and am looking forward to your organization posts.

  2. This was a fun read, Leslie! The organizing theme is great – we are in the process of purging and packing to stage and show our home, and as I do this, my mind is always on our new home and how I might organize and set things up there. So I am organizing physically now in one way (storage unit! home to be for sale!) and in my mind as I pack (how will I store/use/display this in new home?) at the same time. Fortunately we love where we are moving to, so it’s all positive thoughts! I’ll take all the insights you’ve got as we go through the month! Good luck with your darn foot. I had a shattered wrist at this time last year (yes with surgery and all that) so I’ve got major empathy for you.

  3. Leslie, I can’t wait to see what you share with us. I’m kind of working on the same projects. I have to clean out and downsize my ‘stuff’ in our unfinished basement so we can finish it. I do not have an extra storage space so that means parting with much of it. I also want to use my planner more for my weekly ‘to do’ lists and projects instead of a sheet of paper. I will be following to get ideas from you. Remember your Dr. is following you too!

  4. I need to finish organizing my loft, but it is not heated and it is Feb. in Vermont! I think I will purge instead…that always feels good and although it is not organizing, it creates organizational space!

  5. First time I have read your blog! I follow you on IG which and enjoy your stories and posts so much! Our guest room and the attached sitting area is currently my dumping ground for decor! I plan to try and have it organized by the end of the week! My husband is out of town so its a perfect time!! Thanks for sharing snd inspiring!

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