How to Make Crystal Snowflake Ornaments


Do you remember making crystal snowflake ornaments when you were little? I made them last week and can’t wait to share them with you.

I have such fond memories of making these crystal snowflake ornaments as a child and yes, they are still literally quite magical. This is a great project to do with your kiddos or grand kiddos, or over a glass of wine or two with your girlfriends!

Pipe Cleaner snowflakes

You can make crystal snowflake ornaments with just a few supplies, a lot of imagination, and a large bucket. They do have to soak overnight but you are guaranteed snowflakes in the morning!

Handmade Snowflakes in a Window

Look at this snowflake! Isn’t it incredible?

Handmade Snowflakes

These were very fun to make and I can’t wait to share with you a LIVE tutorial! 

Here is my live craft demonstration I did on Facebook. 

You can watch my demo below or you can click here to go to my Facebook page to watch!  

How to Make Crystal Snowflake Ornaments


How to Make Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

Hanging Handmade Snowflakes

What You Need to Make The Snowflakes

Chenille pipe cleaners (I cut mine to 8″ long)

Borax (one box)

Fishing line (to hang)

Dowels to hang the snowflakes

Container to hang your pipe cleaner snowflakes so they won’t touch while soaking. I used my enameled bread box.

  1. Cut and twist the pipe cleaners to make snowflakes. Mine are quite large. If I make them again I will make them smaller. About 4″ – 5″ long.
  2. Tie each snowflake to fishing line so they can soak in the Borax.
  3. Mix Borax with boiling water in a sealed container. (Use 1 1/2 cups per 8 cups of boiling water. or three tablespoons per cup of boiling water.) I used some large glass vases and a metal Bread box! Hang (or place) the snowflakes in the Borax/Water. Do not let the snowflakes touch each other or else they will stick together. Leave overnight.
  4. The timing may vary when you soak them overnight. When I checked them the next morning, they hadn’t crystalized. But I checked again an hour later and they were perfect.

This is what they looked like while they were soaking.

How to Make Crystalized Snowflakes

And yes, I did soak them in my bread holder, because it was a perfect size. 

Of course, it is coated with crystals right now so I don’t recommend it. (Just kidding, all you need to do is pour boiling water in your container and it comes right off.)

Making the snowflakes is not hard to do. This is what my snowflakes looked like. They were fun to make. To add the short pipe cleaners to each snowflake, just twist the pipe cleaner twice to secure.

Making Snowflakes from Pipe Cleaners

I have a great book on snowflakes and I used it to get ideas for the snowflake shapes. It’s called The Snowflake 1st Edition.

If you have ever seen a snowflake up close, then you know the intricacy of their designs. Snowflakes are magical and have always been such a mystery to me! 

Here is a photo of one of the pages from the book.

Real Snowflakes

It is so hard to believe these are actually snowflakes!

I guess you could say I have been a bit obsessed with snowflakes and I think that is what makes this craft so special to me. I loved making these and being able to crystalize the pipe cleaner snowflakes!

Here is what your snowflakes should look like when you are done soaking them in Borax.

I love how the light catches this snowflake.

Handmade Snowflake DIY

Here is a close-up of one of the snowflakes I made.

Crystal Snowflake

So what do you think?

I love the photo of these snowflakes drying in the sun. That’s kind of funny … “snowflakes drying in the sun”. Haha

Snowflakes Drying in the Sun
How to Make Crystalized Snowflakes DIY

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How to Make a Crystalized Snowflake

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  1. Leslie: I have been following your blog for about a year on my Gmail. and I usually check my mail daily or within a day or two. I enjoy watching all the crafts and especially the pillows that you paint and then stitch. Hope you’ll keep going with the blog and I’ll tell my friends. When Winter comes in the Midwest we really need some blogs to keep us sane.

  2. Leslie,
    Just finished watching your demonstration on how to make the snowflakes. They are so magical and another wonderful idea!! I don’t do Facebook, but I started following you on Instagram, I try every day. You have so many projects that I am trying to finish, I just love all of them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Leslie,
    I hope you are feeling a bit stronger each day! I may have missed it in your directions and video of the Borax snowflakes, but where did you secure your fishing filament? I have all of my supplies and am eager to try this craft.

  4. Hi Leslie,
    I’m about to put my snowflakes in the solution. Can I reuse the solution the next night for more snowflakes. I don’t have a container big enough for them all. Thanks Elena

  5. Hello Leslie,
    Love your DIY little, frozen snowflakes. I’m wondering if perhaps some silvery sparkles can be applied on the snowflakes. If so, what part of the process would be best to apply the sparkles. Many thanks. ~Paula

  6. Hi there,
    The snowflakes look so pretty. I’m wondering if Borax is safe for pets (in case they start playing with them, I have cats)?

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