It’s Time to Garden

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March is here! And my theme this month is Gardening. I know many of you are sitting there in freezing temperatures and wondering if I am crazy. But for those of us in Southern California, it’s time to get seeds and plants in the ground.

Last year I built four raised flower beds (with the help of my handyman). We built the redwood beds, placed a garden sheet in in the bottoms, added six inches of rock and four kinds of soil and nutrients. I planted vegetables in all of them and sadly, they were a bit of a disappointment.

The reason they didn’t grow as well as I had hoped was due to the California water shortage. I just couldn’t water the beds as often as I had wished. They were only allowed water two days a week for about three minutes. Sadly, the growth was stunted due to thirst.

My tomatoes suffered the most which was very unfortunate. Because that’s what I care about the most! My herbs grew really well, except for the basil. Ugh.

So what are my plans for March? First I need to clean out my raised beds. It appears I have a squirrel problem as they have been burying their acorns in my beds all year. There are so many buried acorns that I actually have a few little oak tree spurts growing in my beds. Once they are cleaned out then I will add all new fertilizer and nutrients to the soil.

Next, I need to plan out my beds. I need to move the plants around which means the tomato plants need to go in different beds than they were in this year. The soil needs a break and a change. I am also going to plant flowers in one of my beds and plan to grow more lettuce and herbs.

While my vegetable beds are growing, I plan to start shopping our local Farmers Market every Thursday. I tend to go less often in the winter and I think it is so important to support our local farmers. I love the fabulous produce and flowers they offer and hope to attend the farmers market every single week. You should try to do the same in your area.

Once my raised beds are planted it will be time to start on my flower beds in our yard. They need a lot of TLC but I am excited to get my hands dirty. Most importantly, I need to block out time every week to tend to my gardens They need upkeep and care and fertilizing year round. It takes a lot of work to grow a garden, but it is so worth it.

Will you be growing anything this spring?

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  1. Wow! Good for you!! I can already tell you’ll have a BEAUTIFUL garden!!! I, sadly, do not have a green thumb, but I always plant flowers at least with my kiddos! ????????

  2. Love your garden boxes! Here in NJ we are sooo looking forward to Spring ! Tomatoes, basil, zucchini tend to be our favorites. Although we have plenty of squirrels it’s the deer that feast on our gardens and any type of landscaping. We try various organic sprays to deter them but it’s a battle !

  3. I’m so excited this year, I have 4 raised garden beds being built with a new irrigation system. Looking forward to tomatoes, zucchini, lettuces, and lots of herbs. Plus I bought a whole bunch of flower seeds from the place you recommended- so excited to get this all started!

  4. Hi!
    Ahhh-the wonderful South Pasadena Farmers Mkt. I was fortunate to grow up in San Marino-(lovely Lorain Rd where my Mother’s initials are carved into the cement by the “wash”) My son was married at Castle Green-amazinf place to get married (hint hint) My entire family was born at St Lukes Hospital. I look at real estate daily to get back there.
    I now live in a Craftsman house in Old Towne Orange, as close to a Pasadena vibe can be in the OC. I have raised gardens just like yours.
    I had to add good old crummy dirt to boost my veggies. I don’t have full sun most of the time, but so far so good. Basil never takes off ( and I need it the most) but all other herbs are happy campers. Tomatoes self started this winter-so we will see how they do. So far there are tons of babies.
    Come down to the Orange Farm Supply-such fun and good quality plants ( cheap) And yes-water water water. Check out Orange Home Grown and farmers mkt. Come on down!

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