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One of my favorite things to do is to create new tablescapes. I styled my dining room table last week with a hand-sewn burlap table runner and crepe paper flowers I made in a partnership with JOANN. I am always looking for ways to add color to my tables and I came up with some very fun DIY placemats and I am so excited to make some more.

Today I am also part of an I DIYed That Spring Blog Hop that my friend Jen from Noting Grace put together. If you are coming over from Seeking Lavender Lane, then welcome! I am sure you loved her Bunny Sillohette Pillow for Easter. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see more fabulous home decor DIY ideas from a lot of bloggers!

When I decided to make round placemats I stressed a bit about how to cut perfect circles and how to sew them. I absolutely love the idea I came up with and you are not going to believe how easy these are to make. You can use these as stand-alone placemats or stack them with other placemats and chargers for a really fun peek-a-boo effect.

DIy Placemats aqua  

What You Need to Make Six DIY Placemats

14-inch cake circle (or one round cardboard circle) You can find these in the cake decorating section at JOANN.

1 7/8 yards of 48″ home decor fabric. I used Waverly Home decor fabric from JOANN (you need two 16″ circles for each placemat so if your fabric is a different width, or if you need more than six placemats, it is easy to do the math to determine how much fabric you need.)


Sewing machine

How to Make the Placemats

Using the cardboard circle as your guide, trace around the circle on the wrong side of the fabric. Be sure to leave two inches between each circle.

Cut out each circle adding about 1″ of fabric all the way around each circle.

DIy Placemats sewing instructions

Place the piece of cardboard on top of each circle and iron around the entire edge, gently folding in the extra seam allowance. 

DIy Placemats press with an iron

Can you see how easy it was to iron a perfect circle?

DIy Placemats 2

Place two circles, right side out on top of one another and pin around the outside edge.

DIy Placemats 3

Sew along the outside edge about 1/4″ from the edge, all the way around.

DIy Placemats 4

And you are done. I am not kidding when I tell you I made eight of these placemats in under two hours.

DIy Placemats 6

I love how much color they add to my table.

DIy Placemats 7

I cannot wait until I make more of these for future table settings. There are so many different patterns that I want to make to go with my china patterns. 

DIy Placemats 9 DIy Placemats 10

I think you should make these DIY Placemats as they are so much fun! They are really easy and such a great addition to any table.

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