DIY English Advertising Ceramic Pots


I have been collecting vintage English Advertising ceramic pots for years. But I have always wanted larger ones so I made my own.

For all of you who have hunted but not found and loved these beloved ceramic pots from afar, now you can make your own! Read on for the step-by-step instructions!

DIY English Advertising Ceramic Pots.

These ceramic pots came out great! Plus they were easy to make and I love that they even look vintage.

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You Made that?

How to Make Your Own Advertising Ceramic Pots

English Advertising Ceramic Pots DIY
The cake plate is from Martha Stewart.

English Advertising Pots are one of my favorite things to collect. It is hard to believe that the beautiful jars were used only once and then pitched into the rubbish bin. It’s true!

Many years later the pots were found in the ground, usually when large excavations occurred for development projects. Fortunately, the love affair with English Advertising Jars was born.

I love the Advertising Pots so much and am so grateful for the companies who were so thoughtful to use such beautiful packaging for their products!

DIY English Advertising Ceramic Pots

Why are English Advertising Pots so Popular?

English advertising pots are ceramic pots or jugs that were used in the 19th and early 20th centuries for advertising various products. These pots were typically decorated with transfer-printed designs that featured the name or logo of a product, such as a brand of tobacco or a type of beer. They were often used as a form of point-of-sale advertising, placed on counters or shelves in shops or pubs to help promote the product.

English advertising pots come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small creamers to large jugs. The pots were made using different ceramic techniques such as slip casting or jiggering. Advertisers made the pots in different colors, shapes, and designs, mostly in black or blue and white colors. They are now considered collectibles and can be found in antique shops and online marketplaces.

They are also highly sought after by collectors due to their historical and cultural significance, as well as their decorative appeal. Many of these pots feature intricate designs and colorful illustrations, making them an interesting addition to any collection. They can be used for display in a living room, office, or kitchen.

Ceramic Pots DIY

Painted Ceramic Terracotta Pots DIY

So why make my own?

First off, they are hard to find. And they are not inexpensive. Often I find the smaller ones priced well, but the larger ones are usually priced quite high.

So I bought some terracotta pots for a few dollars, added some clay along the top edge, painted them, and used the amazing iron Orchid Designs Crockery stamp.

Iron Orchid Designs

DIY English Advertising Ceramic Pot

I love Iron Orchid Designs. You all know how much I love to craft and I am always looking for new ideas that look amazing and are not hard to do. Iron Orchid Designs has the most incredible products for crafts and DIYs. Their designs are so creative, they are a company of wonderful people, and their products will easily help you to discover amazing new DIYs and crafts.

If you go to the IOD website you will find “DIY tools and tutorials to inspire your creative soul”. They have decor mouldsdecor stamps, and decor transfers to make fabulous items for your home. Today I get to share how I made used their decor stamps to decorate my homemade classic Christmas cookies.

Where can you buy Iron Orchid Designs products? Just click here to find a retailer near you! (You can also order online from some of the retailers.)

I used the IOD Decor Crockery Stamp.

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What You Need to Make The Advertising Ceramic Pots

Iron Orchid Designs Decor Crockery Stamps

IOD Decor Crockery Stamp

Ink and Ink Pad (I used one from Iron Orchid)

Terracotta Pots

Air Dry Clay

Titebond Quick and Thick Glue

Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint – Light Ivory

Medium Gray Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Poylcrylic Sealer

Iron Orchid Crockery Stamps

The Crockery Stamp has twelve stamps! I selected four that I thought would fit on the pots and peeled them carefully off of the plastic sheet.

I wanted to mention that you can buy terracotta pots that have a rim. If you do that, then you don’t need to add the clay rim! I like the straighter pots and I couldn’t find them with a rim.

How to Create Your Own English Advertising Ceramic Pots

  • one – Roll the clay into a long tube (long enough to fit around the outside of the top of the pot) and roll it out with a rolling pin that has a raised 1/4″ edge. (The edge ensures that the thickness of the piece of clay will be the same throughout.) Roll until the entire piece of clay is flat.
  • two – Cut a 1/2″ strip of clay.
  • three – Add a strip of glue all the way around the top edge. Lay the pot upside down and add the clay all the way around the edge. Press gently and one set, invert the pot. Make sure the clay does not slide.
  • four – Cut the clay so that the ends match snugly.
  • five – Finish all of the pots.
  • six – Paint the pots with Ivory acrylic paint. (You don’t have to wait for the clay to dry before painting.)
  • seven – Continue to paint all of the pots.
  • eight – Once dry, add some of the gray paint to create a vintage look.
  • nine – Let the paint dry, then go back with a dry brush and paint more white on top of the gray so it looks more authentic.
Painted Ceramic Pots

This is what the pots should look like after painting ivory cream and “again” with the gray paint.

Let them dry for at least a few hours.

English Advertising Ceramic Pots DIY.

Lay the stamp flat and push the ink pad on the stamp. Make sure all of the surfaces are covered with ink.

Center the stamp on the pot and gently push it on all areas of the stamp. Be careful not to move the stamp.

Let the stamps dry overnight and then apply a sealer to both the inside and outside of the pot. (I didn’t have enough time to add the sealant before I took photos, but I will add it later today.)

New vs Old

This photo offers a fun comparison of the DIY “cheap version” and the vintage English Advertising pots.

DIY English Advertising Ceramic Pots

There are so many uses for these pots! I can’t wait to make some more.

English Advertising Ceramic Pots DIY

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Are you so excited to make these pots? Below is everything you need to make the pots and a few items to style them with!

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Not ready to make your own English advertising pots? Can you believe it? I found some on Amazon!!

And, I also found stoneware crocks on Amazon!!

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handmade english advertising stamps with clay pots, stamps, and ink

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  1. Wow…I actually like the older, more vintage look of your DIY pots! Very creative and pretty! I can’t wait to try this myself!

  2. This is a DIY I am actually going to try!!😂.
    I love your IG posts, you are one of my very favorites!

  3. I love this idea! I have been thinking about getting some English pots but the price was a deterrent! Now I can make my own! Thanks for showing us how to do it!

  4. It appears one has to have a commercial retail license to obtain these items from Iron Orchid Designs directly?

  5. These look great! You are so creative and busy! I want to try this project! Not to make anyone jealous… but a few years ago one jumped out at me in a thrift store. I had never seen them but it spoke to me. I bought it for 49 cents!
    PS I know you are busy at your beach house this week. Now I am the jealous one! I can’t wait to see it!!!

    1. That’s a fantastic find Kathy! Haha I am jealous 😆🤗 so so excited about the beach house- can’t wait to share the rest! ♥️

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