Before and After Photos of the Transformation of Our 100 Year Old Home

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On the blog yesterday I posted a lot of the finished rooms in our home. By finished, I am referring to the new neutral (white) themed rooms. I heard from a lot of you who wanted to see the before and after photos. I didn’t even think to include them in my post. But given the huge number of you who wanted to see them, I have written this post, which is all about before and after.

So let’s get started.

First, our master bedroom. Here is how it looks now.


And here it was before. Don’t even ask me why the bed isn’t even centered over the window! Oh my gosh. We redid the tile around the fireplace, replaced the rug, curtains, and bedding. And painted the walls. Then I bought new end tables, lamps and the bench for the end of the bed. Plus I made a new headboard out of an old vintage door.


Then there is our family room. Here is what it looks like now.


And here it was before. I replaced the rug, added new slipcovers to our sectional and added the vintage white windows and ladder chandelier. I also replaced the two chairs.


Our living room also got an overhaul. Here is it now.


And here is the before. I slipcovered the sofas and made a new coffee table. I also added the new general store counter. But the paint, rug and artwork over the fireplace stayed the same.


Many of you have already seen the dramatic transformation of my office.

It is now my craft room and it looks like this.


And this is what it use to look like.

When you see these photos I hope you can see that it is not hard to make a change if you don’t like your decor. I hadn’t done anything in our home for years and we were way over due. I was so busy and knew I would eventually get around to it! I cannot even tell you how happy I am with the changes that took place in our decor last year!

We still have more rooms and makeovers to share. Plus a lot of projects still to do! So stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Leslie, it’s so neat to see the before and after photos, it’s very inspiring and shows that even the most nicely decorated homes had to start somewhere. Your home is beautiful, I absolutely love your office/craft room! I sometimes forget to take ‘before’ photos, this was a great reminder. Have a blessed day!

  2. OMG….the light in craft room !!!!! We repainted our family from a stunning hunter green to a color that I thought would brighten it up and work really well with lots of burlap. Major fail, lol! The light is just not cooperating …. what I thought would look latte-ish – is screaming yellow undertones. (Yes I lived w the paint sample on the wall for months. So much for that! Pfft.) Windows make so much difference. I so enjoy seeing the photos from the various angles ???? .

  3. I’m sorry, I had to giggle because when I looked at the “before” pictures, it showed just how much styles have changed! What was beautiful to us before no longer suits—been there! You’ve done such wonders with your redecorating—love it all! And, you didn’t “throw the baby out with the dishwater!” Repurposed brilliantly!

    1. You are so right! I love having a more neutral home so now I can just add colors as the seasons change.

  4. May I ask if the flowers in the vases over the fire place are artificial? Love the look and I am thinking of doing something similar but don’t want the maintenance!

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