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Last year we did a photo shoot of our home with Williams-Sonoma Home. I was pretty excited as I was hoping they might decide to leave some of their “props” behind because that would be way cheaper than shipping everything back, right??? Wrong.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened my catalog a month later only to see that they changed the color of my house to gray! Plus they also changed the design of the back of my house!


One photo shows our house painted white with one set of french doors (which is how it really looks). (You can find the chaise featured here and it’s on sale PLUS another 30% off with code OUTDOOR)

williams sonoma somerset teak chaise.JPG

In another shot, the house and outdoor curtains are both gray!

williams sonoma ad.JPG

In the last shot, there are two sets of french doors (instead of one) and our outdoor kitchen AND covered patio (with curtains) have completely disappeared. (They’re featuring the rug which you can find here and it’s also eligible for the 30% off with code OUTDOOR)

williams sonoma ad.png

You gotta love Hollywood.

Please note that this post was NOT sponsored. I just thought it was kind of fun to share! 

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3 thoughts on “AROUND THE HOUSE // The Magic Of Hollywood

    1. I agree- but I’m happy I now know what it looks like painted a different color… not that I would ever paint it!

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