The Magic Of Hollywood and Photo Editing

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A few years ago we did a photoshoot at our home with Williams Sonoma Home. You can only imagine when I saw the photos on their website and I didn’t recognize our home. The secret is photo editing.

Williams Sonoma Home Photo Shoot

The Importance of Photo Editing

Today I want to talk about photo editing.

You know, that thing you do to you make your photos look better, or different than the photo you actually took.

That is what I call photo editing.


I am quite familiar with editing photos. I edit photos every day on my phone. I think it is safe to say that every photo I have shared on Instagram was edited. Some were edited just a little and some were edited a lot.

And since I have 158,54 photos on my phone, I have edited a lot of them.

(If you are interested, I currently use a photo editing app called VSCO to edit my photos.)


The Williams Sonoma Home Photo Shoot

But here is the thing. This post is not about how I edit photos. It is about our home and the amazing editing job Williams-Sonoma Home did with the photos they took of our home.

A few years ago we did a photoshoot of our home with Williams-Sonoma Home. I was pretty excited as I was hoping they might decide to leave some of their “props” (as in outdoor furniture) behind because that would be way cheaper than shipping everything back, right??? Wrong.

They were here for a day and spent the entire time taking photos in our backyard highlighting some of their outdoor furniture collections. I watched them take the photos on the big computer screen. And they all looked amazing.

Most of the photos included our home, our pool and the back yard.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened my Williams Sonoma Home catalog a month later only to see that they changed the color of my house to gray!

Plus they also changed the design of the back of my house!

This is our home. But it’s dark grey. And they took off my door knobs!


They did a great job editing the photo. Here is what our home looked like on the day they took the photos.

Back of House

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Only one photo showed our house painted white with one set of french doors (which is how it really looks).

I love this photo. Doesn’t that look relaxing?

williams sonoma somerset teak chaise.JPG

In the photo below, the house and outdoor curtains are both gray! Now that is a bit odd to have dark gray curtains!

If you compare this photo and the one above, they look as if they were taken at two different houses!

williams sonoma ad.JPG

In the last shot, there are two sets of french doors (instead of one), and our outdoor kitchen AND covered patio (with curtains) have completely disappeared.

williams sonoma ad.png

This is how our home really looks. Our outdoor kitchen really has disappeared in the photo above. Isn’t that amazing how they used photo editing to change our entire home?


This photo shoot took place four years ago but would you believe this photo is still on their website? Click on this link to find our gray farmhouse!

You gotta love Hollywood.

Later this week I am sharing a blog post with photo tips. It’s true! On Saturday I am going to share how to take photos with your 35mm camera. I learned a ton from two amazing gals and I can’t wait to share what I learned.

Please note that this post was NOT sponsored. I just thought it was kind of fun to share! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my home in TV or the movies?

We have been filming at our home for twenty years. I would guess we have probably filmed fifty times. You can read both of my blog posts listed below to learn how you can register your home and possibly get filming at your home.

How did Williams Sonoma Home select your home for this photoshoot?

I worked with a Location Company who booked the shoot at our home with Williams Sonoma Home. If you read the post below, it is all explained in there.

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    1. I agree- but I’m happy I now know what it looks like painted a different color… not that I would ever paint it!

  1. We happened upon a photo shoot at Lake Tahoe one beautiful fall day with leaves falling on a big grassy area in front of the lake. It was a spring catalog shoot so they had someone picking up leaves as soon as they fell! It was all very secretive. We were taking pictures and someone came over and told us normally they would have to ask us to delete them in their presence, but if we’d promise not to share we could keep them!

  2. I love your house the way you decorated it. Good to see what it would be like but you nailed it. Enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Just wow, Leslie! I had no idea! I’ve followed you quite awhile and knew how they change things and put things back exactly when they are done, but color editing? I love your home as is! So much character, cozy and inviting!

  4. Photo editing is great, but your house is so much better than the look they went for. But I’m all about character in a home! And also my house is white with black shutters. 😉 XOXO

  5. Always knew it to be true – but wow, still shocking to me.

    This was a really neat post, Leslie. Any way one looks at it – your home is gorgeous.

  6. Wow, I love both! I guess because I am a, “ I love white. I love gray, paints.” I guess if ever you were think I about changing the color of your house, in the future, you now know what it would look like gray. However, as for now, you can keep loving and appreciate your house as it is now. I will be checking out the app you referred
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I actually like the dark color, too, although the white is beautiful. What I really love is the two sets of french doors instead of the curtains. It looks way more sophisticated with doors!

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