A Gorgeous Garden Thanks to Monrovia Plants

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I hosted an end of summer dinner party, set in our garden which is lush and gorgeous thanks to Monrovia plants.

For this dinner party, the garden is both the inspiration and the setting for the gathering. You are not going to believe how gorgeous a dinner party in the garden can be. Ready to be amazed?

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

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Dinner Party in the Garden

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

It is hard to believe that the end of summer is already here. One recent evening, I wandered our backyard watering and checking on my plants in our garden. The air was cool and the light was spectacular. As I stood in the backyard, surrounded by the gorgeous garden, I was inspired to set a table right at the edge of the garden for an end of summer dinner party.

My goal was for my guests to feel as though the dense gardens and the shades of green on the table were one. I wanted them to feel immersed in the colors and textures of the garden as well as the shift of seasons.

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Lush Gorgeous Greenery

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

Our gardens are full of gorgeous plants from Monrovia. Our beautiful garden created a perfect backdrop for this dinner party. For nearly 100 years, Monrovia has been all about the pursuit of beauty and making the world a more beautiful place. It certainly has worked for my garden!

Monrovia offers an incredible variety of high-quality plants that are available at Lowes Improvement Centers and you can also click here to go to monrovia.com to locate a garden center near you that carries their plants.

One of my favorite features on the Monrovia website is the My Plant Finder. Enter your zip code and then refine the light requirement, water needs, landscape type, and flowering season. The plant finder will do all of the work to plan what you need for seasonal planting before you get to the garden center!

The Landscape Type area really helps me to understand the best plants for different areas of my yard and garden. It’s like having a personal garden expert to help me make confident garden plans! Fall planting season is here so be sure to use Monrovia’s website. It’s an amazing resource to help you choose the best plants for successful planting.

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

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The Garden Inspired Table

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

I used lots of different shades of green when setting this table so that everything on the table would amplify the lushness of the garden and create a sense of coolness and calm.

For this dinner party, I decided to use some flowering plants that are usually in-ground plants for the arrangements. I planted them directly into a copper tub and a tall planter. I didn’t use any cut flowers for these arrangements. If you haven’t tried this before, you should definitely give it a try!

Tiger Eye Coneflowers, Delicious Candy Coneflowers, Evolution Colorific Coneflowers, Lacey Blue Russian Sage together, and Big Leaf Hydrangea with some sage herbs were used to make the arrangement on the table. The copper tub has a wonderful green patina that adds another element of green to the table.

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

I also used a green antique trunk as a table for water and wine so that when we needed refills, we didn’t have to go back into the house. I added an arrangement of Delicious Candy Coneflowers, Tiger Eye Coneflowers, and Kudos Gold Dwarf Agastache for the arrangement on the trunk. Having live plants and flowers on the tables added to the sense of immersion in the garden.

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

The table and the garden come together with the live plants on the table. I planted them in the garden once our end of summer dinner party was over.

Monrovia is always my first choice for plants because passion and expertise are at their foundation. Their plants are handpicked for success so that your garden will grow beautifully. Monrovia also trials and selects better performing plants so that when you choose Monrovia plants, you can confidently plant them knowing they will grow successfully. When I buy Monrovia plants, I know my garden will grow beautifully.

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

How amazing are all of the layers of green on the table? I used green tablecloths and ivory placemats as the base and then added ivory dinner plates and some amazing green and ivory salad plates I bought on our vintage shopping trip to France. The green glassware is new. How incredible does the blend of vintage and new look on this table?

A Gorgeous Evening in the Garden

A Gorgeous Garden From Monrovia Nursery

When the sun begins to set, we turn on the cafe lights that zig-zag across the yard. One of my favorite things is the reflection of the cafe lights twinkling in the pool.

Nothing is better than good friends, good food, and a gorgeous garden setting. When they all come together, as they did for this dinner party, there is literally nothing better.

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A Gorgeous Garden Thanks to Monrovia Plants

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  1. Those vintage salad plates are the star of the table
    What a wonderful find on your trip!
    Whenever you use them it will be such a beautiful reminder of your lovely time in France

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