How a White Palette Makes it Easier to Add Color to Your Home


Learning how to Add color to your home is so much easier with a neutral color palette. I can’t wait to share how I “neutralized” our home so I could add in More color.

06dddb49-30c6-4fef-9aac-e949983dbcb8Before I started transforming the decor in my home to a farmhouse style, I had a lot of color in my house. My living room was tan with highlights of aqua and my family room was gray, dark red, and green. Our master bedroom was themed in yellow with orange highlights. Oh heavens, now that I am writing this I realize how awful it sounds! What was I thinking? Today I am going to share what you need to do to your home before you add color.

Having lots of color in your home looks nice (ok, maybe not always) but it really makes it difficult to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Trust me, I tried and it was really hard.

So what’s the secret?

You need to neutralize your home first.  Huh?

If you can make some changes and use more neutral colors,  then it will be a lot easier to add color to your home.

Let me show you what I mean. 

Here are a few photos of my former (aka BEFORE) attempts to decorate with color. Notice my “Christmas” decorations with the aqua and green holiday balls? My holiday Christmas wrapping paper was all in turquoise and white. It was a pretty holiday theme except it just didn’t look and feel like Christmas.


Having a neutral palette in your home is more calming and easy to work with. Once I realized this, I had the couches in our living room slipcovered in off-white. The chairs were also slipcovered and sent up to the master bedroom. The drapes came down (the sun had ruined them) as did some of the artwork.

Living room with a neutral palette

Now don’t panic. Our living room is neutral but I never intended for it to always be neutral. 

You have already seen how our master bedroom is gray and white. 

neutral master bedroom

And it used to look like this. I know you are laughing about now. I know I am.


Our dining room looks like this. It’s neutral but has a very fun color on the walls.

And it used to look like this. 


With a neutral palette, it is so easy to change pillow covers and add fresh flowers and accessories to add a seasonal theme to a room. When I decorate our home for the holidays, it is so much easier than I imagined! You don’t have to take things away when your room is decorated in neutral colors.  Instead, all you have to do is add color.

How to Add Color to Your Home

The Dining Room

You just saw a neutral photo of our dining room. Look how I transformed it for Christmas.

And here it is for fall.

How to Set a Thanksgiving Table 22

This is what it looked like in the spring.

The Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom had a wonderful holiday feel with minimal decor but fun pops of color.

The Living Room

Adding a little bit of color to our living room can make a huge difference.

Living Room Decor 

I seem to love adding orange/coral/peach to our living room. This was for spring.

The Family Room

Our family room has a very limited palette. I love the comfy, chippy, and comfortable look.

This is how I just styled it for fall this year. Even a bit of color makes a huge difference.

Fall Home Decor Ideas


Here is my family room decked out for the holidays. I absolutely love this!

family room at christmas

I added a little spring decor last Easter to warm up the room.

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-casual-dining (1)

I hope these photos show how simple it was to add color to our neutral decor. First I neutralized some of the rooms in our home. Then I just added some colorful accents.

I should address how I keep my white furniture looking clean. All of my couches have slipcovers so they can be washed or dry cleaned. Here is a blog post I wrote about how to wash your slipcovers. Also, in our family room, our couches are typically covered with white vintage quilts. We (and our dog Sport) spend a lot of time in our family room and this helps keep the slipcovers clean. It helps so much.

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  1. I agree! I’ve kept my living spaces mostly white for years because I love being able to decorate for holidays & have all the colors stand out & not compete with bright decor colors. Love your house & IG feed, I’m a new follower!

  2. I love the changes and I adore your house!!! It’s just beautiful! I’ll bet you wake up every single day with a smile on your face that you live there!!! Just beautiful!!!!

  3. Could you please share the wall paint colors in you family/living room and bed room? Your walls look so nice, as well as the rest of the room!! 🙂

  4. I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. Your house was lovely before you redecorated. Just a different style and decor that was appropriate for that time. Now it’s very much up to date and on trend. All of us “decorators” need to change things up. That’s what keeps the economy chugging along…lol!

  5. I agree about the window coverings. The curtains made the house look more cozy. A little stark and cold without them in my humble opinion. I actually love the house the way you had it!!

  6. I actually purchased the recommended primer/paint you used for the coffee table chest but it never arrived from the company and had to get a refund. Do you recommend any other paint to do a chippy refinish look?


  7. Your home is beautiful! Where did you get your slip covers? Have been looking for neutral skip overs for a chair and the never fit right.

  8. I agree with the neutral pallete. My older home is in the country and love to see the
    natural outside beauty through the windows with out too much distraction of color
    on the inside of our home.

  9. I love your house and decor! We are renovating our 1979 rancher into a prairie farmhouse. – we live on 10 acres on the Colorado prairie. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and giving me inspiration for ours.

    1. Wow! That is so awesome and I bet will be just beautiful. I am so glad that you are finding some inspiration here.

  10. Love the neutral palette …. adding pops of color and seasonal decor keeps a home fresh and interesting throughout the year. Thank you for your blog and Insta posts – lots of wonderful ideas!!

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