I love finding a great bargain (who doesn’t?!). In fact, I always use google to look for lower prices whenever I want to buy something. And I always take it a few steps further to make sure I’m getting the best price. As a result, I rarely pay full price! It’s almost become a game to me… and I’m sure I’m not alone in that! 

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If you are like me, I love shopping at Magnolia, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. All of these places have quality, investment items… but of course, there’s a price to pay for quality! But somehow I manage to never pay full price. How?

// Sign Up For Mailing Lists

If you find something you love at Magnolia online, be sure you are signed up for their mailing list. That’s usually the only way they notify the public about their sales. Last fall they had a 42% off everything sale in honor of Chip’s 42nd birthday. The sale only lasted for two days so I immediately bought my Bakery sign, my Merry Christmas sign and my black scale.


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// Be Persistent

Make it a habit to check the online sale section of your favorite stores every week. You can find some real gems there! For example, Magnolia rarely publicizes the items that are added to the sale section so you have to be the one to notice! Did you know this Magnolia Flower Market sign (in green) is currently on sale? You can also always follow my Instagram as I will always announce their sales!

// Find an Outlet

I have saved thousands of dollars shopping at the Pottery Barn Outlet. If you have one near your house be sure to stop by there regularly. Their prices are heavily discounted and they always offer additional discounts of 20% to 80%. Most of their items are in perfect condition (which makes no sense to me) but I am very happy with that!

// Check eBay for Discount Coupons

If you are going to buy something online at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma or Restoration Hardware be sure to check eBay for a discount coupon. There are always Pottery Barn coupons for sale for discounts of 20 – 25% (and are often applicable to already discounted items)! I usually pay about $10 for the coupon and then receive a coupon code via email. Once when I ordered silk drapes for my house and I saved 40% off the sale price. A coupon that cost $10.00 saved me over a thousand dollars!

Do you have tips or tricks for never paying full price? It’s so satisfying to find a deal that I’m always looking for new ways to find a steal!

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  1. I don’t mind a ding or two since I like a rustic look. So if something is slightly damaged I ask for a discount. I got a beautiful copper trough with a dent. I watched it for a year before they gave me the discount. I told them no one else was going to buy it in that shape…and it worked. 25% off!

    Thanks for all the great tips!

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