102 year old home in southern california

Our 102-year-old home on Oak Street has been in the Saeta family for almost sixty years. It’s hard to believe but only two families have owned this house. It has passed through many generations of the two families. Our house was originally built as a wedding gift in 1915 for the Bohannon family’s granddaughter. All I can say is wow. Nice wedding gift.

A 102-year-old house in Southern California isn’t that common. Especially one that has kept all of its character and charm. But we are lucky. Anything that isn’t original to the house was redone in the purest sense of historical content. Which is really another way of saying our remodels cost a lot more than they could have. But preserving the heritage was always our first priority in our remodel projects.

My in-laws bought the house in 1969 and we bought it in a “house trade” in 1998. (Our house trade means my in-laws bought our house and we bought their house. It certainly made for an interesting moving day when there was no empty to move in to. Not to mention we both labeled our boxes “saeta”. Not a smart move.)

So why am I starting a blog about our house? I want to share all of the stories this house represents. There have been a lot of changes in this house (sorry honey!) and currently, I am slowly changing to a more farmhouse style decor. I wanted to share this journey with you and also share a lot of great ideas and do-it-yourself projects. I am known for my thriftiness (aka I am cheap) so I feel the information I share here might be interesting to others.

Thanks for joining me.

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  1. The love the story of your house! Not to mention your photos stopped me in my tracks. And the fact that you’re in CA- so cool. I didn’t expect that. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. I look forward to reading your blog!

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