WHAT I’M LOVING NOW // Whitewashed Window Mirrors

There are a few things that I see on Instagram all of the time. Rae Dunn? Duh. Shiplap? Definitely. Signs? Mmmhmmm. But one of the more under the radar pieces that I’ve noticed is this whitewashed window mirror from Pier 1 and the different variations of this window mirror look.

the simple farmhouse pier 1.png

photo via @the_simple_farmhouse

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102 year old home in southern california

Our 102-year-old home on Oak Street has been in the Saeta family for almost sixty years. It’s hard to believe but only two families have owned this house. It has passed through many generations of the two families. Our house was originally built as a wedding gift in 1915 for the Bohannon family’s granddaughter. All I can say is wow. Nice wedding gift.

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