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September has arrived. I love the Fall Decorating ideas I shared this week at my 100 year old home.

The Bedrroom Makeover

I cannot believe it is Labor Day Weekend! Summer is not over in Southern California but I think it’s ok to start adding fall decorating ideas to our home! 

And just for the record, that whole “no white pants after Labor Day” thing does not apply to those of us who live in So. Cal.

Does it apply to any of you?

Before I start, I wanted to tell you all some great news. We are filming a commercial at our home next week! I can’t tell you who it is for, but I fully intend to share the behind the scenes with you. I  think you are really going to enjoy how a commercial is filmed. Follow me on Instagram as I will be sharing everything on my feed and stories. The film crew will start setting up on Wednesday, film on Thursday, and put everything back on Friday. 

There are so many restrictions and new procedures to deal with Covid and I think the filming will be very interesting. 

The commercial is for Christmas. So our house will look very Christmassy.

Wasn’t I just saying that I thought it was finally time for fall decor?

I finished the third-floor bedroom remodel and even the slipcover is done (it is pictured above). The project was a bit challenging but I like how it came out. I  have a bit of slipcover paranoia because when I washed the slipcover (made by a  professional) on my sectional, it shrunk. And I cannot get it off.

I washed the fabric for the chair slipcover I made just to be safe.  But then I made the slipcover one inch bigger than it needed to be.  It looks too big.

How funny that now I want it to shrink! Oh well.

Let’s take a look at what happened this past week at My 100 Year Old Home.

On the Blog This Week

It was a great week at My 100 Year Old Home. I am finally transitioning into my fall decorating ideas.

On The Blog This Week

It's been such a fun week and I loved sharing so many exciting and creative ideas with you.

A lot of you have been asking about the furniture and lighting I used in our third-floor bedroom makeover. 

Bedroom Makeover After Photos

Everything in this room is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I loved this room so much, and I am thrilled to be working with Bed, Bath, and Beyond again.  

All of the Bed, Bath, and Beyond items above can be found at the corresponding links below.

Home Styles Cambridge King Bed in White Wash / Bee & Willow™ Oakdale Blackout Window Curtain Panel / Martha Stewart Isla Accent Bench

Jonathan Y Elicia Table Lamps in Natural with Linen Shades / Levtex Home Torrey Reversible Quilt Set / Martha Stewart Cavray Buffet in Light Brown

Hotel Luxury Concepts 500-Thread-Count King Sheet Set / 8′ x 10′ Rio Diamante Rug / Bee & Willow™ Sequoia Beaded Chandelier in Natural

I loved being part of the Makeover in a Month Challenge.  I joined three amazing bloggers, Melissa at The Inspired Room, Karianne at Thistlewood, and  Marian at Miss  Mustard Seed. Follow these links to see the amazing rooms created by these gals!

My New Amazon Store

Fall Craft Ideas for Your Table 6

Every time I write a new blog post I get a lot of messages and emails asking about where I bought a lot of the items in my post. For a while, I have really wanted to be able to provide the information in advance, so I set up an Amazon Store. My store has all of my favorite items in lots of different categories.  They are most of the items you see in my blog posts and I own at least half of them.

If you look at the photo above, I bought the candlesticks, all of the florals, the copper chargers, the copper place card holders, and more on Amazon.

Why did I choose Amazon? 

I think most people are comfortable shopping on Amazon as they offer great prices, service, and delivery. Amazon invited me to set up a store and if you use my link I make a tiny commission on everything you buy (not just things in my store). This commission allows me to spend a lot of time every week creating decor, recipes,  crafts, and entertaining. It is part of my “salary”.

I want to thank you in advance for using my Amazon link to shop in my store and anywhere else on their site. It helps me so much! And it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Click to Shop Fall Decor

What’s Coming on My Blog Next Week?

Art supplies zippered bags

I have so many fun ideas to share and I decided it was time I mixed things up with my crafting. This week I  will be sharing Five Best Back to School Craft Projects.  These are really fun crafts you can do with your kids!

Next week I am also sharing a crockpot recipe which should be interesting. Why?  Because I haven’t used a crockpot in at least ten years. Seriously! I will be working on a recipe tomorrow and I need to start soon because it may take me a while (doesn’t it take at least six hours for something to cook in a crockpot)? Oh my.

I am also sharing how to make colored bottles, some really fun aprons you can make for fall, and more.

I look forward to sharing all of this and more fall decorating ideas with you this coming week.

Thank you so much for being here.

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  1. Leslie, you are such an inspiration to me on many levels. Thank you for sharing not only ‘the how to do’ but the ‘you can do‘! I have been following you since I discovered IG, I fact you were my first following other than family and friends. You quickly became F&F to me from the opposite coast. We have an 1840 home so was naturally drawn to your 100 yr old home. Can’t wait to see what Hollywood has in mind again! Love your down to earth demeanor, all 3 Homes, dinner parties, project plans, recipes, and that you will be adding a crockpot recipe soon for the fall and winter months. Thank you.
    Your loyal follower,

  2. The Fall table is beautiful. The new bedroom is beautiful. White pants after Labor Day does not apply in Tennessee…at least not to me!
    The commercial shoot should be fun!

  3. Leslie, we still wear white pants after Labor Day here in AZ also, but, I do feel the need to switch my purse??? Anyway, big week for you and again job well done upstairs.
    Before you start all the commercial stuff….tell us about the “negotiations” with the company that is producing the commercial. I assume it is a very important step?!

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