The Final Reveal of the Interior of the Waco Fixer Upper

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I am so excited to share with you the Final Reveal of our Waco Fixer Upper Home. I absolutely love how it turned out.  

This Waco Fixer Upper project has been an absolute labor of love. If you’re thinking of starting your own fixer-upper project, or if you’re just curious about what it’s like, keep reading. You won’t believe the difference between the before and after photos!

waco home living areas

It’s done. The uninhabitable, animal infested home that we bought a year ago has been transformed. And my dream to furnish the living areas of our Waco Fixer Upper home with a mixture of fine furniture and vintage antiques actually worked! The furnishings were provided by Overstock and I absolutely love how they look in our home. #ad

I had to post the “before” photo one last time because I still cannot believe how far we have come. Oh my!

waco fixer upper before photo

This is our living room and you can find the sofa, loveseat, side chair, rug, table lamps, and wood side table at I mixed these new items with a vintage white armoire, chest/coffee table, side table, accessories, wooden bins, and architectural wall piece. I found all of these items at The Round Top Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas.

waco living room

The round mirror is also from Overstock.

overstock mirror

And don’t worry about the off-white furniture in an Airbnb. I already have covers for these pieces.

I love this pouf too. It’s also from Overstock.

pouf in the living room

I decided to hang the drapes almost to the ceiling and I love how they pull the eye upward to the one hundred-year-old ceiling.

living room

In case you ever thought that drapes, curtain rods, and a rug (and rug pad) weren’t necessary, look at this picture below and then compare it to the one above. Wow. What a difference. This is a great example of how drapes and a rug can finish off a room. There is no comparison.

I love our dining room so much! The lights in the ladder chandelier, dining room table, dining chairs, and rug are all from Overstock

waco dining room

The electrician and I made the chandelier and I love it. 

waco airbnb dining room and kitchen

The architectural piece above the french doors actually serves a purpose in this room. The height of all of the windows and molding in the living room and kitchen are about sixteen inches higher than the french doors. By adding the architectural piece above the french doors, the heights are now all the same. It’s a subtle but dramatic change and I think it really makes a difference.

architectural details

I won’t be sharing the kitchen just yet. It’s not done and not quite functional. My contractor has promised me the house will be done by November 1st. I will be in Waco next weekend hosting a few groups of bloggers so I promise to take some kitchen photos then!

waco airbnb dining area

A lot of people have asked how I managed to pick out all of my furniture online. You can read more here about that here to find out my tricks and tips.

overstock mirror

Waco is such a special place and I am really excited to be able to share it with so many people. We have had people stay here for girls trips, family reunions, of course Baylor events and it makes my heart so happy. You can find the listing on AirBnB or VRBO.  

living room sofa

In no time at all I am going to decorate our Waco home for the holidays, I am so excited I can hardly stand it. 

waco living area in airbnb

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  1. I love it! Everything looks brilliant. Well, well done Leslie! I hope to visit and stay here one day. 😍

  2. Wow!!!! Wow!!!! And Wow!!!! What an incredible transformation! You nailed it! I love Overstock. I have a cowhide rug with gold flecks in my living room and everyone compliments it! I have lived watching this project come together. I cannot wait to see the kitchen reveal.

  3. Amazing job! Love following along this transformation! Can’t wait to see the kitchen and the holiday decorations!

  4. Amazingly beautiful!!! Where would I go to book it? How close is it to the Silos? And how many people can stay? And would I be able to book just a Tuesday evening? Already booked fixer upper bed and breakfast for 2 nights.I love your homes ,absolutely stunning!!!

  5. Amazingly beautiful!!! Where would I go to book it? How close is it to the Silos? And how many people can stay? And would I be able to book just a Tuesday evening? Already booked fixer upper bed and breakfast for 2 nights.I love your homes ,absolutely stunning!!!

    1. The link to the airbnb will be here on my blog. It should be available to book in a few weeks as we are just waiting on paperwork. Our home is one mile from the silos, on the same street and has three bedrooms with two queens, two queens and a king in the master. It sleeps eight to ten people.

  6. Leslie I 💕 it! It is so warm and inviting looking. You did a fantasrjob. Hope to be able to stay there someday.

  7. Oh Leslie, it is just perfect! I ‘ohhhed’ and ‘ahhhed’ over every picture. It’s been so much fun to be a part of the journey and watch it all come together. The vibe created is so cozy, comfortable and still glamorous!!! I love the mix of new and vintage, it’s my favorite way to decorate. I love your taste, from the smallest to largest detail. This is so,so beautiful!!!!

  8. This is so exciting to see your vision become a reality. Fabulous job Leslie. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  9. You must feel so proud. You took a house in disrepair and did your own Fixer Upper on it. It turned out beautiful.

  10. Leslie~ this is absolutely beautiful. Inspiring! I love the combo of the Overstock and vintage pieces- you are the master at this! The wood ceiling was such a good decision. Love! Love! Love! Planning a girls trip to Waco and it will all be based on your house availability. Great job lady!

  11. I’m in love! 💗 Everything about this is so fabulous – your planning and hard work SO paid off Leslie! The ceiling, the lights, the colors! But mostly I love how you made each area feel cozy with its own boundaries, but still all open and connected. This is the perfect place for a group – I can picture just how fun it will be! Congratulations!

  12. This has been as much fun to watch come together as your beach house. Congratulations and much success.🍾🥂🎉

  13. I take bridge trips with 3 friends and I really would be curious as to how much it would cost us to stay 2 nights in this charming place. We would be coming during the week rather than a weekend. Thanks

  14. Leslie, this home is BEAUTIFUL! Top ten for sure. You have made this house smile again for years to come. I will definitely make this trip happen for my sister and I. Can’t wait to see the outdoor pictures as well especially the huge tree area. What ya thinking regarding Christmas decor?
    Sit and put up your feet for awhile.

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