The Best Canning Recipes


A few years ago I bought some mason jars and decided to try canning. I was in pursuit of finding the best canning recipes and was thrilled with my results. I have made just about every flavor of jam and jelly and lovemaking apple butter. My most recent canning project was making Orange and Red Pepper Jam and Cranberry Pepper Jam

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RECIPES // My Trials and Tribulations of Making Homemade Jam

One of the good things about having jet lag is that you can tackle big projects after your husband goes to bed. Last week it was 10:00 pm and I decided to make jam. I thought it was going to take me an hour, as indicated in the recipe. But I made a few mistakes along the way which kind of elongated the timing. I rationalized that staying up until 3:00 am to finish a project would normally be a bad thing. But since it was really only 10:00 pm in Auckland, and I still had jet lag, then I was wide awake. Well, kind of. Maybe I was awake when I started slicing the strawberries.

california strawberries

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