The Best Canning Recipes


A few years ago I bought some mason jars and decided to try canning. I was in pursuit of finding the best canning recipes and was thrilled with my results. I have made just about every flavor of jam and jelly and lovemaking apple butter. My most recent canning project was making Orange and Red Pepper Jam and Cranberry Pepper Jam

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Pepper Jelly and Jam Recipes

Cranberry Pepper Jam canning

Making and canning jam is a fun and easy project. I have made strawberry and mixed berry jam before but for the first time, I made Pepper Jam. I love having items in my pantry that I can use to make a great appetizer. Pepper jam works wonderfully on a charcuterie board or with baked brie for a quick and easy appetizer. Today I am going to share two wonderful pepper jelly and jam recipes.

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