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I Am So Excited To Share With You Easy Elegance Wednesdays, Where We Celebrate Simple Elegant Decor. Today I Am Sharing How I transferred our Coffee Room to My Flower Arranging Room.

flower arranging room

There was a time, a few years ago, when I was convinced I had to have a Coffee Room.

Forget the fact that it took me less than one minute to make a cup of coffee since I used Starbuck’s Via Instant coffee and our Insta-hot. Everyone (on Instagram) had a coffee room or a coffee area, and of course, that meant I had to have one! 

So, I turned one end of our Butler’s Pantry into a coffee room. (Technically it’s an area, but “room” sounds much more impressive.)

Coffee Room

Within a few months, I  realized my “coffee room” was a total waste of space. So I brainstormed and decided I needed a flower arranging room. I really needed a place to store my vases, flower frogs, clippers, wire and all of the other things I needed to arrange flowers!

So I changed it.

Flower arranging room transformation

And I love it.

flower arranging room

You can find my transformation story in my blog post titled From Coffee to Flowers – The Butler’s Pantry Transformation.

I am so excited to share with you Easy Elegance Wednesdays, where we celebrate simple elegant decor.  


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