My Favorite Wreaths for Fall


I love making wreaths now for fall and this has to be my favorite DIY wreath ever! Copper is the perfect accent color for fall, don’t you think?

As the leaves start to turn yellow and red, it will be time to start thinking about fall decorating. While pumpkins and autumnal flowers are always popular choices, I love adding wreaths to my home for the season. Today I am sharing everything you need to know to make this copper metal wreath, plus more of my favorite wreaths for fall.

How to Make a Copper Leaf with Cricut

You Made that?

I wanted to make a copper wreath for quite some time but I wasn’t sure how to cut it. When I heard the Cricut could cut thin metal, I knew I wanted to try it.

Then I discovered the Cricut debossing cutter (for the leaf veins) and realized I could make an amazing copper wreath.

I am also sharing my favorite fall wreaths for sale at Amazon Home. Plus, I have joined fifteen other bloggers who are also sharing their wreath DIY ideas. Be sure to scroll down to find everything!

Metal Wreath  

This DIY includes how I found the leaf pattern, how I cut it on the machine, how I painted it, and how I assembled the wreath.

DIY Copper Wreath

I found so many places to hang this wreath in our home. I think I am just going to move it around every week for the next few months!

What You  Need to Make a Foil Wreath

Craft 38  Gauge Colored Aluminum (I ended up using three different colors.)

Cricut Cutting Machine

Cricut Debossing Blade

Hot Glue Gun


Metal Wreath Form

Colored Heavy Aluminum Foil

How to Make My Copper Fall Wreath

Here is a video to show how I made this wreath.


I cut a 12″ sheet of aluminum and placed it on the light grip board. (You  need to use a light grip mat or else it might be hard to remove the aluminum after it’s cut.) I used a brayer to adhere it to the mat. It’s that easy.

Next, I found a leaf pattern in the Cricut Access Store and you can find it here

Magnolia Leaf Pattern

On the Cricut machine, all I did was separate the veins from the outside cut of the leaf (in the photo above). I  changed them to “deboss” so they would cut out the leaf design. The design is ready for you to use!

I  had never used the deboss tool before. Isn’t it amazing?

Cricut Debosser

Once the debossing is done, the Cricut machine automatically cuts out the leaf too.

Embossed and Cut Leaves by the Cricut

These just peel off the cutting mat. It’s incredible.

Cricut Cut Leaves

After I cut out the leaves, I decided I needed some cohesion in the color. (remember I used three different colors of aluminum.)

I went through my acrylic paints and found these two metallic colors.

Paint to Paint Metal

Next, I painted the leaves and I love how they came out.

Painting the Copper Leaves

I even wiped some of the paint off to allow some of the copper to shine through.

Painting the Metal Leaves

Here is how the leaves looked when they were all painted.

Painted Metal Leaves

The metal wreath frame was sprayed with some of my leftover copper paint.

Painting the Metal Frame

There are so many types of glue and I wasn’t sure what kind of glue would work the best with aluminum. I tested a lot of options and of course, my hot glue gun worked the best.

To attach the leaves to the wreath frame, just glue them to the frame, one at a time.

Attaching Metal Leaves to the Frame

Continue gluing the leaves, being sure to cover the stems as you proceed around the frame.

Gluing the Copper Leaves

This does not take long. I promise!

Attaching the Leaves to the Frame

When the wreath was completed, I absolutely loved the outcome.

Fall Wreath DIY

Aren’t these colors gorgeous?

My Favorite Copper Fall Wreath

If you aren’t a DIYer and want some new wreaths for fall,  here are my recommendations for the best fall wreaths you can buy right now. They are all from Amazon Home and the prices are very reasonable.

Click to Shop Fall Decor

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I was looking at this beautiful copper wreath and thinking how much trouble it would be to cut those leaves out by hand (not to mention painful!) and then, I scrolled down to see you using your Cricut to do the work!! I’m a new Cricut-er and would never, ever would have thought to use my machine for this. I’m so grateful to you for your inspiration and step-by-step instructions. You can also take credit for the beautiful hand designed, free motion stitched pillows I’ve been making! Love your website and gorgeous home. 😊

  2. I tried to start making the leaves last night. After my machine did the debossing it prompted me to unload the mat and then reload it. Then it didn’t cut properly. I don’t know what I did wrong??

  3. I have been following your blog for about a year and somehow missed this! But I am so glad that I found this. I am a new Cricut user and have been trying to figure out how to do something similar for months. This is such a great tutorial–thanks! I have one question-does the debossing blade also cut the leaves? Also, for all us Cricut newbies out there, we’d love more tutorials! Thanks so much.

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