French Lavender and a Brocante Shop

Today was fabulous! We saw more french lavender, walked through some quaint towns, and found some amazing vintage finds at a brocante store.

Today we visited the towns of Goult, Lacoste, Bonnieux, and Saignon. If you read my post yesterday you know that I didn’t buy anything at the brocante (pronounced bro-caant) market we visited. But today we found the most incredible store and I found lots of treasures!

French Lavender and a Brocante Store
Favorite Places

French Lavender

French Lavender and a Brocante Store

In a few short days, we visited a lot of French lavender farms.

Today we visited lavender farms in Apt and Cereste.

But here is the thing. They are all different and the incredible French lavender smell is mesmerizing. The humming of the bees is tranquil and the lavender colors are beautiful. I could go on and on but I have to admit I totally underestimated the feeling I experienced at every farm.

French Lavender

The French lavender fields can vary quite a bit. Some are brilliant purple and others are more grey. The colors vary based on the type of lavender plant, location, and the growing stage.

Some filed are in full bloom and just stunning. Others are perhaps a week or so away from full bloom and not quite to their fullest bloom.

Either way, I have loved each one!

Oh, wait. Except for one thing.

If you have been watching my Instagram stories then you know that there are a lot of bees pollinating the lavender. Actually, it’s not a lot of bees, it’s a gazillion bees.

See how happy I look in the photo below? I am actually totally freaked out by the hundreds of bees that are swarming around my legs, waist, and arms.

French Lavender and Leslie

Fortunately, they aren’t that interested in me and they are way more interested in the lavender. So no, I did not get stung. And our host, Tracey from French Larkspur, assured us we wouldn’t attract the bees.

Of course, she was right.

But if you look closely at the photo I am actually terrified!

When we were in Goult I found some adorable cards, and met the artist too!

A Brocante Shop

French Lavender and a Brocante Store

We found the most amazing brocante shop in the town of Bonnieux and I bought quite a few things.

The prices were great and look at the amazing inventory inside this charming vintage store.

French Lavender and a Brocante Store

There was a mirror on the far right wall and I forgot to take a photo of it but had shipping been available, I would have bought it for sure. (It’s on my stories on IG if you want to see it!)

French Lavender and a Brocante Store

I could have easily bought some of the glassware in this cabinet but I decided to wait until the flea markets this weekend. I am so excited to shop there.

French Lavender and a Brocante Store

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So What Did I Buy?

My Finds at the Brocante Shop

I bought eight green and white French Ironstone plates which are about 9″. I think they are perfect for salad and desserts.

I also found two French seltzer bottles that are smaller and so wonderful. I have never seen them in this size before! I bought a carafe that will likely hold olive oil at the beach house. The green french linen lavender sachet will be in our bedroom in Ventura for sure!

I bought eight French cotton napkins (they were €3.0 each which is a bargain!) and these will also be at the beach house. Of course, they will likely travel back and forth between Pasadena and Ventura quite a bit!

My Finds at the Brocante Shop

Styling My New French Vintage Finds

Of course, with new plates and napkins, we had to style them in our wonderful apartment in Provence! You can imagine how excited I was to see my favorite water hyacinth placemats. You have seen them on so many of my tables and they are just as popular here in France!

The apartment is so charming and was stocked with a few drinking glasses, both green and clear which made setting this table easy with my new green and white plates!

French Ironstone Plates and Napkins.

I popped a few of our lavender bundles into a marble crock to create the centerpiece and set the table with my new plates and napkins. They mixed beautifully with the serveware items in the apartment. I love the simplicity, yet sophistication that this french table offers. Chic, yet comfortable and homey.

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Simple Ways to Add Color to a Tablescape

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French Lavender and a Brocante Store

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French Lavender and a Brocante Shop

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  1. Sounds and looks absolutely fabulous. Can’t wait to see your finds from your weekend visit to the brocante. Happy travels.

  2. Just quickly—I think if you publish you may want to say “the Provence” as it is a region! Also be careful about keeping olive oil in clear glass—if possible it is best to use colored glass (living in Greece 15 yrs. taught me this!) 🙂
    I have been to those areas of the Provence & it brings back heavenly memories! Thank you for sharing lovely photos.

  3. Wow – amazing! I feel like I’m right there! You were very brave to stand out in the field if you don’t like bees though – good thing they like lavender better! 🙂 Fabulous shopping too. Thanks for bringing us along on your wonderful trip!

  4. What do you think is the very BEST time to go if you want to see the lavender fields at their very best? Now mid June? Maybe a couple weeks earlier? or Maybe a couple weeks later?

  5. I always have a lot to do on a daily basis but one thing I will not miss is hitting your blog about France. I am enjoying it so much and love the things you have purchased. Enjoy.
    Looking forward to your blogs when you get home to see all the goodies.
    Ann Kehl

  6. What fantastic trip, oh and the finds!!!!!!!!! Love all of it, and the seltzer bottles are great!!! I love the shoes you are wearing, are they the canvas or the waffle design, and are they white or cream in color. The website says cream.
    Thank you

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